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Apple 'Family Apple Tree' - 1 tree

…from September. Apple rootstock: M106. Height and spread if not containerised: 4m (13'). Family apple tree varieties: Apple 'Golden Delicious' - A versatile garden variety for the warmer parts of the UK. Apple 'Worcester Pearmain' - Tasty and reliable with resistance to mildew. Apple 'Egremont Russet'…

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Apple 'Braeburn' - 1 root wrap tree

…No1 eating apple! Apple 'Braeburn' produces huge crops of bi-coloured, smooth skinned, crisp and juicy fruits. This well known variety earns its popularity by being easy to grow, early to crop from a young age, and having excellent storage potential. The heavy crops of flavoursome apples can be harvested…

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Katsura Tree - 1 x 9cm potted plant

Don't be afraid of growing trees in your garden; they aren't all great big oaks and cedars. Cercidiphyllum certainly isn't. Enjoy its attractive foliage and see if you can decide what the leaves smell of. Is it toffee apple? Candy floss? Just mix a few bags of ericaceous compost into the soil on…

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Apple and Pear Family Collection - 2 trees - 1 of each variety

…litres of compost). Apple rootstock: M106. Pear rootstock: Quince A. Height and spread if not containerised: 4m (13'). Collection comprises 1 family apple tree and 1 family pear. Harvest from September. Family apple tree varieties: Apple 'James Grieve', Apple 'Discovery', Apple 'Sunset', Pear 'Conference'…

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Apple 'Isaac Newton' - 1 root wrap tree

…which stood in the garden of his home, Woolsthorpe Manor, near Grantham. The variety is known as the 'Flower of Kent', and produces hefty cooking apples with an old-fashioned shape. The green skin flushes red where the sun shines on it and the fruit cooks to a soft pur�e with a refined, sweet flavour…

Price: £34.99

Potato Salad Collection - 120 potato tubers - 20 of each variety

Second early, maincrop. Whether eaten hot or cold, these exceptional salad potatoes are simply delicious! This collection contains our choice of the best second early and maincrop salad varieties. Height and spread: 60cm (24"). Collection comprises: Potato 'International Kidney' (Second early) - A…

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Carolina Allspice - 1 x 9cm potted plant

…hopefully not for much longer. It's a hardy, adaptable and trouble-free garden shrub. And, the best bit is the fragrance - like a bowl of stewed apples with cinnamon. The perfume comes from not only the showy flowers, but also from the crushed leaves!

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Cephalaphora aromatica - 1 packet (40 seeds)

Attractive, bright yellow pom pom flowers complemented by pale green foliage. This novel plant releases a sweet, apple fragrance when brushed against or by gently. Height: 30-45cm (12-18in)

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Apple 'Pinova' - 1 root wrap tree

Dessert apple 'Pinova' boasts a lovely flavour which is not surprising when it has both Golden Delicious and Cox in its parentage. The delicious, smooth skinned, yellow-orange fruits are ready to harvest from September, but will hang on the tree until December, and store well for up to 3 months if picked…

Price: £24.99

Crab Apple 'Royalty' - 1 root wrap tree

Deep pink flowers, followed by brightred-purple fruits. Self fertile. Very decorative tree when in leaf, bloom or in fruit. Deep mahogany leaves

Price: £24.99

Apple 'Pixirosso' - 1 root wrap apple tree

…bright pink-red colour, with dramatic white flashes running through it. Unlike many red-fleshed apples that have been bred in the past this delicious and visually stunning apple has a lovely sweet flavour. Apple 'Pixiroso' is a vigorous grower with pretty red blossom and attractive red foliage. The fruits…

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Apple 'James Grieve' - 1 root wrap tree

…-purpose' apple! A cooking variety that turns into a dessert apple! Harvest 'James Grieves' in early to mid-September when it's sharp flavour makes it ideal for cooking. Wait a few weeks for the apple to turn mature and the taste sweetens, becoming mild enough for it to be enjoyed as an eating apple, with…

Price: £24.99

Apple 'Cox's Orange Pippin' - 1 root wrap tree

Regarded to be the finest tasting dessert apple, the rich aromatic flavour and crisp, juicy texture set this apple apart from other varieties. Apple 'Cox's Orange Pippin' produces medium sized, orange-red fruits with thin skins. Although not considered to be the easiest variety to grow, it is well suited…

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Quince 'Leskovac' (patio) - 1 patio tree

…October. Freshly picked quinces are bitter and inedible, but once cooked they soften to make excellent jams and jellies, and enhance the flavour of apple pies when a few slices are added before cooking. Quince 'Leskovac' is propagated onto 'Quince Adams' rootstock. It is self-fertile and therefore does…

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Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' - 1 root wrap tree

The most famous cooking apple of all, producing large fruits with a sharp acidic flavour that are ideal for making delicious pies and crumbles. Awarded an RHS AGM, Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' has good disease resistance to scab and mildew. Pick 'Bramley' apples from October when mature for immediate…

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Apple 'Red Falstaff' - 1 root wrap tree

…grafted onto dwarfing M27 rootstock. This heavy cropping variety has good resistance to scab. The delicious dessert apples can be harvested in October and store well for a couple of months. Apple 'Red Falstaff' is self-fertile and low maintenance; perfect for growing in large containers on the patio. Height…

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Apple & Plum Tree Collection - 2 maiden trees - 1 of each variety + 2 tree guards

…popular garden varieties - Apple 'Braeburn' and Plum 'Victoria'. Plus 2 tree guards to protect the trunks of your trees from rabbit, deer or pet damage. Apple 'Braeburn' - Huge crops of bi-coloured, smooth skinned, crisp and juicy fruits that can be harvested from October. Apple 'Braeburn' is not self-fertile…

Price: £29.99

Apple 'Croquella' - 1 root wrap tree

Naturally dwarf French variety producing good crops of bright red apples on a tree which will reach approx 1m in height. Ideal for growing in a container (30l), Croquella has a rather oriental appearance as it ages which makes it an attractive option for a large pot on the patio

Price: £34.99

Apple 'Egremont Russet' - 1 root wrap tree

…nutty flavour. An excellent apple for the cheese board! Apple 'Egremont Russet' is self fertile and easy to grow, making it ideal for gardens where there is only room for one tree. It also makes an excellent pollinator for 'Cox' and 'Braeburn' varieties. Harvest the apples in October, and you can keep…

Price: £24.99

Quince 'Vranja' (patio) - 1 patio tree

…October. Freshly picked quinces are bitter and inedible, but once cooked they soften to make excellent jams and jellies, and enhance the flavour of apple pies when a few slices are added before cooking. Quince 'Vranja' is propagated onto 'Quince A' rootstock. It is self-fertile and therefore does not…

Price: £27.99

Apple (Britain's Favourites Collection) - 3 trees - 1 of each variety

Britain has one of the best climates in the world for growing apples of the highest quality. This collection contains some of the most highly regarded varieties. Grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock, the crowns are easily reached to prune, spray and pick your delicious fruit. The varieties in this collection…

Price: £49.99

Potato 'Pink Fir Apple' - 20 potato tubers

MaincropA very old variety dating back to 1850 which has made an astonishing comeback in recent years. This late maincrop variety produces long, knobbly, pink skinned tubers with butter yellow, waxy flesh, and a distinctive nutty flavour. Potato 'Pink Fir Apple' is deservedly an RHS AGM variety.…

Price: £3.99 - £5.49

Potato 'Harlequin' - 5 potato tubers

Early maincropWith 'Charlotte' and 'Pink Fir Apple' in its parentage Potato 'Harlequin' is a guaranteed taste sensation! This outstanding salad variety produces long, oval tubers with creamy flesh and a delicate texture. Height and spread: 60cm (24").

Price: £3.99 - £5.49

Medlar 'Nottingham' - 1 tree

…weeping habit, with large white spring flowers and attractive leathery leaves that turn to shades of golden orange in autumn. The russet coloured, apple shaped fruits are excellent eaten with wine, port and cheese, although are more commonly used to make into preserves or the Victorian delicacy Medlar…

Price: £29.99

Yacon - 3 x 9cm potted plants

Here's an interesting tuber with the texture of water chestnuts and a sweet taste of pear with a hint of watermelon! Yac�n is deliciously juicy, especially when freshly lifted and eaten raw - the word 'yac�n' apparently means 'water root' in the Inca language and this turns out to be a very apt…

Price: £11.99

Cucumber 'Crystal Apple' - 1 packet (20 cucumber seeds)

Outdoor typeThis fascinating heritage variety originates from Australia in the early 1900's. Cucumber 'Crystal Apple' crops prolifically if the large golf ball sized fruits are picked regularly. The crisp, tender flesh has a sweet flavour with no bitter after taste. This outdoor variety is best…

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Crab Apple 'Red Sentinel' - 1 root wrap tree

Apple 'Red Sentinel' makes an attractive and productive specimen tree for smaller gardens, with a long season of interest. Crab apple fruits can be harvested to make delicious crab apple jelly. Any unpicked fruits will soften after a few frosts to create a sumptuous food source for wild birds. Crab apples

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Poppy 'Applegreen' - 1 packet (80 seeds)

A delighted T&M customer discovered this very unusual apple green coloured Poppy in their garden. Its striking pom-pom blooms stand out above tidy grey- green foliage. Very eye catching in borders when planted en masse. Height: 60-90cm (24-36in).

Price: £2.99

Nicotiana langsdorffii - 1 packet (500 seeds)

A delightful annual from Chile and Brazil with tall branching stems and drooping sprays of apple green bells. Very exotic, yet easy to grow. Ideal for the back of the border or as a 'dotplant among smaller bedding plants. Try growing it next to our Salvia pratensis, it looks superb. An absolute must…

Price: £2.49

Chempak® Calcium Multi Action Fertiliser - 1 x 750g pack

BOOSTS CROP GROWTH. HELPS PREVENT DISORDERS SUCH AS BLOSSOM END ROT, LETTUCE TIP BURN AND APPLE BITTER PITSpecially formulated plant food which provides a rapid uptake of calcium and nitrogen, Chempak Calcium offers multipurpose action for improved growth, higher yields and healthy plants and can be…

Price: £7.99

Datura metel 'Double Blackcurrant Swirl' - 1 packet (15 seeds)

A dynamic border, container or conservatory plant with large, beautifully double frilled flowers of blackcurrant and lilac-mauve. The many flowers are earlier than most and continue through to frosts outdoors. Flowers mid summer-autumn. Height 14m. (5ft)

Price: £3.99

Californian Poppy 'Jelly Beans' - Part of the Alan Titchmarsh Collection - 1 packet (150 seeds)

…easy way to create vibrant splashes of colour in your borders or containers. Spectacular fully double blooms in a bright mix of oranges, pinks and apple blossom shades and feathery foliage provide a colourful display all summer. Height: 25cm (10in). Spread: 25cm (10in)

Price: £2.29

Potato 'Customer Favourites Collection' - 60 potato tubers - 10 of each variety

Collection comprises: Potato 'Arran Pilot' - A traditional favourite with white flesh, a firm waxy texture and a pleasing flavour. Potato 'Charlotte' (Second Early) - Pear shaped, yellow skinned, waxy tubers and creamy yellow flesh of first class flavour. Potato 'Kestrel' (First Early) - Producing…

Price: £14.99 - £19.99

Godetia 'Apple Blossom' - 1 packet (750 seeds)

An exquisite colour, a rave for flower arrangers, soft apricot pink with a touch of white. With excellent vigour and free flowering over a very long season, the tall plants also mix well in perennial borders. Lovely for cutting. Grow in full sun. Flowers summer. Height 12m (3-4ft)

Price: £3.19

Sweet Pea 'Apple Blossom' - 1 packet (25 seeds)

Sweet Pea 'Apple Blossom' makes a stunning addition to the flower border when trained onto obelisks and trellis. The gently ruffled, blush-pink petals emit a deliciously sweet perfume. This beautiful variety that equally well received, on the show bench and in cut flower arrangements. Height: 180cm…

Price: £2.19

Aquilegia x hybrida 'Green Apples' - 1 packet (20 seeds)

…green flowered Aquilegia with this spectacular Clematis-like flower formation. The buds open in a delightful lime-green shade, fading to a sumptuous apple-green before ageing to a gentle cream. Makes an interesting feature for borders

Price: £2.99