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Globe Artichoke 'Green Globe Improved' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (40 seeds)

Globe Artichoke 'Green Globe Improved' bears larger, heavier, and more consistent quality globe-shaped heads. The characteristic sharp spines have been greatly reduced in this improved variety. The astonishingly tasty hearts make a supreme delicacy when pickled, and the base of the leaves can be eaten…

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Jerusalem Artichoke 'Gerard' - 10 tubers

There is an increasing interest in Jerusalem artichokes as an easy to grow winter hardy vegetable which produces a good crop of tubers in all soil types. The tubers can be left in the ground and dug as required, or lifted and stored in a hessian sack in the shed or garageWe traditionally sell the 'Originals'…

Price: £9.99

Jerusalem Artichoke 'Originals' - 20 tubers

Traditional knobbly, rounded tubers with a distinctive smoky flavour that are delicious roasted or added to stews and casseroles. Jerusalem artichokes are a low maintenance crop that will grow almost anywhere. The tall stems even make a useful windbreak throughout the summer months. Height: 3m (10'…

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Jerusalem Artichoke 'Duo' - 20 tubers - 10 of each variety

Grow your own artichoke crop with these two tasty varieties; Artichoke 'Gerard' - Sought after gourmet red skinned artichoke, which grows almost anywhere. An eye-catching variety with its white flesh and colourful red skin. Artichoke Originals - For those gardeners who prefer the original, rounder, 'knobbly'…

Price: £14.99