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Aster 'Duchess Mixed' - 1 packet (250 seeds)

Wonderful flowers - like incurved chrysanthemums

Price: £2.99

Aster 'Milady Mixed' - 1 packet (150 seeds)

Excellent for bedding , these plants are robust, bushy and very wilt resistant. Well formed, globular, weather resistant flowers in blue, pink, rose, rose-red and white are produced over a long period. Useful as a summer flowering pot plant, for window boxes etc

Price: £2.69

Machaeranthera tanacetifolia - 1 packet (100 seeds)

Looks like a perennial Michaelmas Daisy, but is an annual producing a mass of violet-blue single flowers during the summer. Also known as Prairie Aster it blooms over a long period adding late summer to early autumn colour to borders. Attractive addition to large containers on a sunny patio

Price: £1.99

Aster 'Pink Tower' - 1 packet (200 seeds)

Very attractive, incurved, fully double blooms, in a delicate, soft pink bicolour. The long, strong flower stems tower above bedding, adding height to displays and making an excellent cut flower. Height: 45-60cm (18-24in)

Price: £0.99

Aster 'Moonshine Mixed' - 1 packet (120 seeds)

A colourful combination of Blue Moon and Bright Rose pom-poms, with a paler circle of light around the edge of each flower, shining like a halo around the moon. Outstanding in borders, or as a cut flower

Price: £2.99

Aster 'Composition' - 1 packet (60 seeds)

Michaelmas Daisies - Bright colours of Aster novi-belgi and novae-angliae composed for a contrasting rich colour range of long stemmed autumnal flowers for cutting

Price: £2.99

Aster 'Spider Chrysanthemum Mixed' - 1 packet (200 seeds)

An exclusive blend of Asters, with stunning blooms resembling a Spider Chrysanthemum in a dazzling mixture of colours. Excellent planted en masse in borders or used as a cut flower

Price: £2.89

Aster 'Pompon Splendid Mixed' - 1 packet (250 seeds)

Distinctive close-knit 5-6cm (2-2½in) blooms in possibly the best colour range. Very weather proof and long-lasting cut flower. Height: 38-45cm (15-18in)

Price: £2.19

Aster 'Hulk' - 1 packet (30 seeds)

A unique Aster with attractive petal-less green 'flowerswith white and yellow centres. These well branched, free-flowering giants are sure to add height and interest to borders, as well as making an intriguing and long lasting cut flower. Height: 90cm (3 feet)

Price: £1.49

Aster 'Starlight Mixed' - 1 packet (150 seeds)

One of the best dwarf Asters! Intriguing spider-like flowers smother compact basal branched plants in attractive shades of blue, purple, scarlet and rose. Early to flower, adding a colourful display to borders or patio containers over a long flowering period. Height: 20cm (8in)

Price: £2.69