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Chrysanthemum 'Hardy Patio Mixed' - 5 Postiplug plants - 1 of each colour

…to the autumn garden when many things are looking tired. This collection of hardy perennial patio Mums will reward you with rounded domes of colour from September right through until the first frosts. Superb for growing in borders and containers, and the sturdy stems make excellent cut flowers too. Our…

Price: £9.99

Wallflower 'Sugar Rush' - 36 plug plants

…Week). Early to flower and easy to grow, this is a 'dual purpose' wallflower - it will bloom in less than 6 weeks from an August planting and then it will flower AGAIN the following spring! Very lowmaintenance - all you need to do is cut out the central stem when the autumn flowers have faded - super…

Price: £11.99 - £16.99

Shrub Collection - 1 collection

…your shrubs get off to the best start. Collection comprises 1 plant each of: Strawberry Tree - Leathery, evergreen foliage and peeling, cinnamon brown bark form a superb backdrop for the clusters of small, white, urn-shaped flowers in autumn. The dainty blooms give way to scarlet-red, edible fruits that…

Price: £24.99

Heucherella 'Trailing Collection' - 3 jumbo plug plants

…'billowing' habit, making them perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes and the like! Plants are evergreen, so they make great all-year-round hanging basket staples - they're especially striking in the autumn!

Price: £14.99 - £19.99

Geranium himalayense 'Birch Double' - 1 bareroot plant

…even full shade. A mass of double purple-pink blooms stand above the delicately serrated foliage which turns to shades of burnt red and orange in autumn. Geranium himalayense 'Birch Double' will quickly blend with other herbaceous perennials to create colourful groundcover and looks equally attractive…

Price: £12.99

Viola 'Sorbet Orange Jump Up' - 36 plug plants

Vivacious colours for autumn and spring flowering. Compact habit with outstanding pot and garden performance. Easy to grow and will flower over a long season, providing colour to your borders and containers.

Price: £12.99 - £16.99

Heteropappus meyendorfii - 5 Postiplug plants

Wow, this little-known blue chrysanthemum is a real eye-catcher! Mounds of hundreds of blooms are still going strong in late summer and early autumn, making it perfect for taking over from faded bedding.

Price: £8.99 - £12.99

Cosmos sulphureus 'Brightness Mixed' - 1 packet (100 seeds)

Possibly the most free-flowering cosmos of this type. Dwarf and bushy plants are covered with flowers in a delightful mixture of gold, lemon, orange and red from early summer through to the autumn frosts. Spectacular when planted towards the front of annual borders or in containers

Price: £2.69

Pennisetum setaceum 'Fireworks' - 1 jumbo plug plant

…From mid-summer to autumn, the showy purple flower spikes rise above the arching foliage in a spectacular architectural display. Pennisetum 'Fireworks' makes a lively addition to bedding displays and patio containers. The fluffy seedheads can be also cut to make elegant dried flowers. Height: 90cm (36…

Price: £9.99 - £16.99

Cyclamen hederifolium - 10 bulbs

A delightful ground cover plant for rockeries and woodland gardens where it will self seed to create a carpet of foliage from autumn to spring. Bulb size 10/11.

Price: £12.99 - £18.99

Rudbeckia hirta 'Toto' - 12 plug plants

The perfect bedding plant; short, branching and smothered in golden yellow, cheerful blooms from summer to autumn.

Price: £9.99 - £12.99

Pansy 'Chalon Supreme Wildberry Mixed' - 1 packet (20 seeds)

…mixture of large ruffled flowered pansies in a dazzling wild berry blend of purple picotees and rose shades. Bushy compact plants flower over a long period brightening autumn, spring or summer containers. Spring sowings will give flowers during early summer, whilst summer and autumn sowings will bloom the…

Price: £2.69

Dahlia 'Diablo Mixed' - 36 plug plants

The brightly-coloured double blooms of this dwarf dahlia contrast dramatically with the bronze-coloured foliage. Flowering non-stop throughout the summer and early autumn, plants are vigorous and fast-growing.

Price: £11.99 - £16.99

Clematis rehderiana - 1 x 7cm potted clematis plant

Clematis rehderiana is a beautiful climber that will provide a subtle splash of delicate primrose yellow in late summer and autumn. It has dainty bell shaped flowers with the sweet fragrance of cowslips. This vigorous species will quickly cover your walls and fences and can be pruned to almost ground…

Price: £12.99

Winter Aconite - 100 bulbs

flowers each spring. The cup shaped blooms of the winter aconite attract pollinating insects to your spring garden, and associate beautifully with snowdrops and bluebells for a spectacular woodland display. Easy to establish and virtually maintenance free, Eranthis hyemalis are ideal for planting in…

Price: £8.99 - £19.99

Fuchsia 'Hawkshead' (Hardy) - 3 Postiplug plants

…beautiful hardy fuchsia boasts dark green leafy stems, hung with dainty white flowers that are suffused with a trace of green at the tip. Upright and bushy, Fuchsia 'Hawkshead' blooms non-stop from early summer to autumn, growing in stature with the passing years. A lovely addition to borders and patio…

Price: £9.99 - £14.99

Stock 'Most Scented Mix' - 36 plug plants

…strong and spicy fragrance and fabulous colours! Start growing Stock 'Most Scented Mix' in autumn for spring borders that will look and smell incredible. These pretty Gillyflowers make superb bedding plants and don't forget to cut some for a vase indoors too. Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 20cm (8")

Price: £10.99 - £15.99

Begonia 'Nonstop Golden Orange' - 24 plug plants

Superb both in garden borders and patio containers, this spectacular begonia, as its name implies, has an long flowering period running from early spring to late autumn.

Price: £9.99 - £14.99

Fatsia japonica - 1 packet (15 seeds)

Create a tropical took in the garden. These easy to grow shrubby plants, are surprisingly hardy and suitable lor borders or grown as a pot plant. Large hand-shaped, glossy foliage is accompanied by branching heads of white flowers in autumn, often followed by black fruits

Price: £0.99

Poppy 'Coral Reef' - 1 packet (45 seeds)

…has consistent vigour, with many flowers over a long flowering period. Also it is not prone to 'flopping overa fault with many varieties of this type of poppy. It is a long lived perennial making large plants within 3 years. From a late Autumn sowing it will flower in its first summer, coming true from…

Price: £2.99

Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn' - 1 x 9cm potted plant

This classic winter shrub produces fragrant pink blooms on bare stems; perfect for adding colour and scent to the garden from autumn through to spring

Price: £10.99 - £20.98

Chrysanthemum 'Decorative Mixed' - 5 Postiplug plants

Tall stems bear wide blooms that are perfect for long-lasting flower arrangements. Savour the colour of these magnificent half hardy chrysanthemums in your autumn garden when summer bedding plants have faded away. This vibrant collection will reward you with dazzling blooms right through until the frosts…

Price: £9.99

Knautia macedonica 'Melton Pastels' - 1 packet (30 seeds)

…mauve, pink, rose, salmon and crimson. Excellent back of border plant producing masses of flowers in two flushes (provided you cut down spent bloom), through to autumn frosts. Suitable for most types of soil. Flowers summer to early autumn. Height 90-120cm (3-4ft)

Price: £3.99

Anemone 'Wild Swan' - 1 x 7cm potted plant

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011 Plant o f the Year winner. Developed over a 10 year period, this is a cross between early and late anemone types and as such, the unique flowers bloom from April right through to the autumn. The beautiful, blue-backed blooms can be appreciated even as they close at the end…

Price: £13.99 - £19.99

Eupatorium maculatum 'Atropurpureum' - 1 packet (40 seeds)

Excellent architectural border plant for autumn flowering, producing lots of deep red stems crowned with panicles of wine red flowers. Height: 120-150cm (4-5ft)

Price: £3.29

Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' - 1 x 7cm potted plant

A striking Japanese Maple with graceful arching shoots and a neat, mound forming habit. In autumn, the finely cut, feathery green-red foliage transforms in a blaze of colour to a fiery shade of orange. Japanese Acers are slow growing, making it an ideal focal point for a sheltered position, or an excellent…

Price: £9.99

Begonia 'Fragrant Falls Improved'™ Collection - 3 jumbo plug plant mix

…the more petals each bloom has, the more fragrant it is. Plant 'Fragrant Falls Improved'™ in a large hanging basket or in our Flower Pouches® to achieve the most spectacular displays. Flowering on and on all summer and into the autumn, requiring very little maintenance other than watering, these…

Price: £13.99 - £29.99

Geranium 'Rozanne' - 3 jumbo plug plants

Winner of The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 'Plant of the Centenary' A celebrated Cranesbill producing masses of saucer shaped, violet blue blooms with dainty white centres. Repeat flowering throughout the summer, hardy Geranium 'Rozanne' makes excellent ground cover through the front of informal borders…

Price: £9.99 - £19.98

Gerbera 'Patio Bicolour Collection' (Landscape Series) - 4 x 9cm potted plants

With the same incredible flower power, but now including 2 new bicolors, this collection of our best-selling gerbera will really jazz up your containers! From summer through to autumn, these robust half-hardy gerberas produce a non-stop supply of stunning gerbera daisies.

Price: £19.99

Wildflower Mix - 1 collection

…you will be rewarded with plants up to 3m (10') tall with huge yellow flowers often 30cm (12") in diameter. Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 60cm (24"). 1 packet (80 seeds) Calendula 'Fruit Twist' - A delightful dwarf calendula in a zesty mix of citrus colours. Early flowering, with daisy-like blooms adding…

Price: £10.85

Geum 'Flames of Passion' - 1 bareroot plant

…truly magnificent perennial geum! You don't often see plants like these in garden centres, which is a shame as they're absolutely 'bullet-proof' and probably some of the toughest border plants you can find. From early summer through until early autumn this variety produces a profusion of pretty blooms on…

Price: £10.99

Nasturtium 'Climbing Mixed' - 1 packet (40 seeds)

These long-flowering vigorous climbing plants look spectacular when trained over walls, fences and hedges. They lack tendrils, but will scramble happily over trellis work, sheds, fences etc. Flowers summer-autumn. Climber

Price: £2.09

Alstroemeria 'Rock 'n' Roll' - 1 jumbo plug plant

…just as well in sun as in shade, with no burning of the creamy foliage. Ideal for borders or summer patio pots where it will bloom from spring until autumn

Price: £14.99 - £19.99

Clematis napaulensis - 1 x 7cm potted clematis plant

Rare and unusual clematis variety originating from Nepal and parts of China. It loses all its foliage in early summer and remains dormant until the autumn when it puts on lush new foliage which is followed by large clusters of stunning, scented pendulous fl owers. Perfect for dull winter months. Height…

Price: £14.99 - £24.99

Rose 'Lady Marmalade' - 1 bareroot plant + 100g of rose fertilser

…hints of apricot as the flowers mature. Rose 'Lady Marmalade' has all the vintage charm of old-fashioned roses, with cabbage-shaped blooms and a delicious sweet scent, but with the disease resistance of modern roses. Repeat-flowering throughout the summer and early autumn, this variety makes a stunning…

Price: £12.99 - £25.98

Clematis florida 'Sieboldii' - 3 jumbo clematis plug plants

…show-stopping clematis is fantastic for transforming walls and fences into a floral showpiece. When the flowers fade, the fluffy seed heads continue the performance into late summer and autumn. Clematis florida 'Sieboldii' makes a striking specimen for walls, fences and containers. Height: 2.5m (8'…

Price: £7.99 - £25.98