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Plum 'Victoria' - 1 bare root maiden tree

…straight from the tree in late August. Grafted onto a semi-dwarfing rootstock, to produce a compact, productive tree. Plum 'Victoria' is self-fertile and therefore does not require a pollination companion. Height and spread: 25m (8'). Rootstock: St. Julien A. Please note, fruit trees will be despatched…

Price: £14.99 - £34.99

Cherry 'Sunburst' - 1 maiden tree

Cherry 'Sunburst' makes an attractive tree both in flower or when laden with fruit. A slightly earlier cropping variety than 'Stella', from mid July this dessert variety produces large dark red, almost black cherries of the sweetest flavour. The high quality fruits store well for a short period after picking…

Price: £19.99

Redcurrant 'Rovada' - 1 bare root redcurrant plant

…establish once planted. Cordon - Ideal for small gardens as they take up little space planted against walls and fences. Each tree becomes a trunk with short side branches on which fruit forms

Price: £16.99 - £23.98

Cherry 'Stella' - 1 maiden tree

tree with good sized fruits. This cherry is well suited to growing in small spaces and 60cm (2') diameter containers, or trained against a wall. 'Stella' is self-fertile and therefore does not require a pollination companion. Height and spread: 25m (8') Rootstock: Gisella® 6. Please note, fruit trees

Price: £28.99

Apple 'Braeburn' - 1 root wrap tree

…crowns of 'Braeburn' apple trees are easily reached to prune, spray and pick your delicious fruit. 'Braeburn' is not self-fertile so for the heaviest crops it is best grown with Cox's Orange Pippin. If you only have room for one tree then make sure that a neighbour has a tree close by that can act as suitable…

Price: £14.99

Pomegranate 'Provence' - 1 x 3 litre potted plant

…reliably grown in the UK. Enjoy the sweet-sharp fruit flesh or use the fragrant pomegranate 'kernels' to make a fragrant juice which is shown to have many health-giving properties. Cropping well outdoors in the UK, pomegranate makes a decorative, shrubby tree of 4-5ft tall (120-150cm) best planted in a border…

Price: £32.99

Pawpaw - 1 x 9cm potted plant

…pollination will improve when growing more than one pawpaw. Alternatively the flowers can be hand pollinated. Height and spread: 6m (19'). Please note, fruit trees will be despatched as early as possible this autumn, once they have gone dormant and are in the ideal condition for lifting from the nursery and…

Price: £29.99

Shrub Collection - 1 collection

…Collection comprises 1 plant each of: Strawberry Tree - Leathery, evergreen foliage and peeling, cinnamon brown bark form a superb backdrop for the clusters of small, white, urn-shaped flowers in autumn. The dainty blooms give way to scarlet-red, edible fruits that only fully ripen in the following year on…

Price: £24.99