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Chilli Pepper 'Naga Jolokia' (Very hot) - 1 packet (6 chilli pepper seeds)

Officially recognised as the world's hottest chilli pepper, measured at just over one million scoville heat units (SHU). Extensively cultivated in Assam region of India. Best grown in a container under glass as needs a long growing season. Fruits pale lime green turning an orangey red. Use sparingly…

Price: £3.99

Chilli Pepper 'Super Chili' (Hot) - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

Superb Thai variety with a very compact habit, Chili Super Chili is ideal for growing in pots on the windowsill or in containers on a sunny patio. Each highly decorative plant of Chili Super Chili carries a huge number of slender, pointed lime-green fruits which turn red, increasing their potency.…

Price: £2.89

Chilli Pepper 'Demon Red' (Very Hot) - 1 packet (8 chilli pepper seeds)

Bred for growing on a windowsill or in patio containers. Chili Pepper Demon Red produces attractive, very dwarf plants, for edible and ornamental use. The flowers and upward pointing fruits of Chili Pepper Demon Red start green and turn bright red, are produced throughout the season. Prolific yields…

Price: £3.69

Chilli Pepper 'Summer Heat' F1 Hybrid (Hot - Jalapeno) - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

The Pizza Pepper. An earlier ripening Jalapeno with longer, slightly tapered, 9cm (3.5in) fruits. Traditionally the fruits are picked green, but can be left to ripen red. The unusual 'scarredskin of Jalapeno Summer Heat is a desired trait of Mexican Jalapenos. Jalapeno Summer Heat is suitable for growing…

Price: £2.69

Chilli Pepper 'Inferno' F1 Hybrid (Moderately Hot) - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

Hungarian Hot Wax hybrid, Chili Pepper Inferno produces an early bumper crops over a long season on compact plants. Fruits are large, smooth skinned, pale lime green turning red. Chili Pepper Inferno is ideal for roasting and frying

Price: £3.99

Chilli Pepper 'Loco' F1 Hyrbid - 1 packet (6 chilli pepper seeds)

A stunning 'ornamental edible' for the windowsill, patio container or hanging basket. Compact habit with masses of eye-catching, small, oval purple fruits sitting above the foliage and turning red on maturity. From British breeding and suitable for indoor, outdoor or greenhouse growing. Just spicy…

Price: £2.49

Chilli Pepper 'Joe's Long' (Hot) - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

Chili Pepper Joe's Long produces unbelievably long, slender, cayenne-style fruits with strong pungency, excellent for hot sauces or for drying to make powders. Fruits ripen dark bottle-green to red. High yielding, Chili Pepper Joe's Long produces fruits up to 25cm (10 inches) long. Bushy plants for…

Price: £2.69

Chilli Pepper 'Krakatoa' F1 Hybrid (Hot) - 1 packet (6 chilli pepper seeds)

…Compact 'ornamental edibleon the windowsill or outside in a sunny spot, producing masses of upright pale green, turning vivid red chillies throughout the summer. Chili Pepper Krakatoa makes an attractive and edible feature on a windowsill or sunny patio

Price: £2.99

Chilli Pepper 'Tropical Heat' (Atomic) - 1 packet (20 chilli pepper seeds)

Chili Pepper Tropical Heat is a tantalising mix of Caribbean Habenero red and orange plus the yellow and red Scotch Bonnets. All fruits are green prior to ripening and have a very hot, fiery pungency at maturity

Price: £2.99

Chilli Pepper 'Paper Lantern' - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

More productive and earlier ripening than a standard habenero - you can expect fruits ready to pick up to a fortnight quicker. The fiery fruits (scoville rating of 250,000!) are 5-7cm long, mid green in colour turning an orangey red and finally a rosy red on full maturity. Paper Lantern is best…

Price: £1.69

Chilli Pepper 'Padron' (Medium - The Tapas Pepper) - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

…culinary experience fresh from your own garden. Chili Pepper Padro is ieal picked when small and green for low levels of heat, as the heat increases as the fruits get larger and continue to mature to red. Also known as the Tapas Pepper, Chili Pepper Padro is excellent added to stirfries. Padron is from…

Price: £2.19

Chilli Pepper 'Pot Black' - 1 packet (5 chilli pepper seeds)

…-bred 'ornamental edible' - a very attractive chili pepper which looks great in a pot on the windowsill or on the patio. Lush dark leaves and a lovely display of purple flowers are followed by 3-4cm (1-1.5in) black fruits which ripen to red over time. Peppers are medium hot with a wonderful intense flavour…

Price: £3.29

Chilli Pepper 'Tabasco' (Very Hot) - 1 packet (15 chilli pepper seeds)

Small, upright yellow-green fruits about 1in. long turning scarlet when ripe. Chili Pepper 'Tabascois extremely hot

Price: £2.49

Chilli Pepper 'Heatwave' (Hot) - 1 packet (25 chilli pepper seeds)

Thanks to Columbus who is credited with discovering the cayenne pepper, gardeners and cooks can enjoy the pleasure of this mixture containing red, yellow and orange. Beautifully ornamental and offering a 'mind blowinghot flavour experience. Most suitable for greenhouse culture. (Capsicum annuum)

Price: £2.99

Chilli Pepper 'Cayennetta' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (8 chilli pepper seeds)

Up to 300 bayonet-shaped cayenne peppers per plant! Britishbred for its compact habit and ideal for baskets or containers, Cayennetta is an eye-catching 'ornamental edible' providing a non-stop supply of flavoursome fruits, ripening from green to red throughout the summer

Price: £2.99

Chilli Pepper 'Poblana Ancho' (Mild) - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

…delicate tastebuds! The large, shiny, bottle-green fruits of Chili Pepper Poblana Ancho are mildly pungent with a tinge of sweetness and ideal for stuffing and roasting. Fully ripe red fruits are ideal for powders and sauces. Chili Pepper Poblana Ancho produces generous yields throughout the season.…

Price: £2.19

Chilli Pepper 'Fuego' F1 Hybrid (Hot) - Vita Sementi® Italian Seeds - 1 packet (20 chilli pepper seeds)

A Cayenne type of hot pepper, Peperone Fuego has 15cm long, tapering fruits, which turn from green to fiery red. The compact, upright plant habit of Peperone Fuego produces fruits in abundance on short internodes. Pick regularly throughout the summer.

Price: £2.69

Chilli Pepper 'Numex Twilight' - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

…an 'ornamental edible'; fruits ripen from purple to yellow to orange to red, providing colour as well as hundreds of small, upright 20mm (0.75in) peppers. Superb in a container on the patio, the attractive dark leaves will show off the vivid colours of the fruits

Price: £2.19

Chilli Pepper 'Prairie Fire' (Hot) - 1 packet (20 chilli pepper seeds)

These peppers might look small, but they certainly make up for size when it comes to flavour! One bushy plant will give you a non-stop summer crop of literally hundreds of mini, extremely hot peppers. (Capsicum annuum)

Price: £2.69

Chilli Pepper 'Cheyenne' F1 Hybrid (Hot) - 1 packet (10 chilli pepper seeds)

A compact, bushy, early ripening variety, Chili Pepper Cheyenne grows to a height of 45cm (18in). Ideal grown in growbags or containers, making an attractive feature on the patio. Chili Pepper Cheyenne produces masses of medium sized green, turning orange fruits throughout the summer

Price: £0.99