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Geranium 'T&M's Choice Mixed' F1 Hybrid - 72 plug plants

You've hit the jackpot with T&M's special blend of F1 Century-type geraniums. Compact, uniform plants produce a mass of colour in bright shades of white, red and cerise. The single flowers are particularly weather resistant making them ideal for summer bedding and patio containers. Height: 40cm (16…

Price: £5.99 - £18.99

Geranium 'Azalea-Flowered Collection' - 10 jumbo plug plants

…Here's a stunning new strain. You've enjoyed the rosebuds for many years now, so we think you'll appreciate the arrival of these azalea-flowered geraniums. The trailing stems of this fabulous new strain are covered with flamboyant, ruffled, multi-layered blooms - and the flowers just keep producing petals…

Price: £13.99 - £18.99

Geranium 'GeRainbow'™ - 10 jumbo plug plants

…, for superb cascades of colour! These trailing ivy-leaf geraniums look incredible spilling from window boxes and hanging baskets. Low maintenance and incredibly long flowering, 'GeRainbow'™ is set to become the no. 1 trailing geranium. Trails to: 90cm (36"'). Spread: 45cm (18"')

Price: £16.99 - £22.99

Geranium 'Appleblossom Rosebud' - 6 jumbo plug plants

…delicate pink and white. This really is a luxuriant geranium deserving a prime spot in borders, containers and baskets so it can be admired by all! Strong garden performance will take them through to the first hard frost of autumn, but rosebud geraniums are fabulous for flower arranging, too. The unusual…

Price: £12.99 - £17.99

Geranium 'Black Velvet Mix' F1 - 24 plug plants

…makes a startling foil for the beguiling bright blooms of Geranium 'Black Velvet Mix' in four striking colours. The unique black leaves, produced on upright bushy plants, are edged with just a hint of green. This boldly coloured zonal geranium makes a striking addition to pots, beds and borders for long…

Price: £11.99 - £16.99

Geranium 'Best Red' F1 Hybrid - 36 plug plants

This exceptional variety, Geranium F1 'Best Red' outperformed all others in our trials. The uniform, well branched plants become smothered in large, shapely scarlet flowers that retain their form, without shattering as they fade. These vigorous plants are guaranteed to create a top performance in beds…

Price: £13.99 - £18.99

Geranium 'Bermuda Cherry Red' - 3 jumbo plug plants

Not only does this geranium perform well outside, it's actually a full-blown patio plant! Welcome to the new generation of Regal Geraniums! Once only grown as a houseplant, these are now proper patio plants. They are a first with a white eye and don't they look fabulous? Exotic-looking blooms smother…

Price: £11.99

Geranium 'Red Sybil' - 5 jumbo plug plants

…of other ivy-leaf geraniums, but their unique flower form truly sets them apart. With regular deadheading, they will spill from windowboxes, containers, and hanging baskets, blooming profusely throughout the summer. Trails to: 45cm (18"')Geranium 'Red Sybilis protected by Plant Breeder's Rights…

Price: £12.99

Geranium 'Black Rose' - 10 jumbo plug plants

The full, rounded buds of Rosebud Geranium 'Black Rose' resemble dainty roses when they first break open, then cluster together to form a pretty posy. This vigorous, trailing variety has the exceptional garden performance of other ivy-leaf geraniums, but their unique flower form truly sets them apart…

Price: £17.99

Hanging Basket Plant Collection - 10 plug plants

…baskets, window boxes and containers. Image is for illustration purposes only. The collection features a selection of hanging basket plants, which may include geraniums, fuchsias, petunias (we cannot specify varieties upfront). Height and spread: 30cm (12").

Price: £9.99

Geranium 'Octavia Hill' - 5 jumbo plug plants

Enormous heads of scarlet blooms with exceptional weather resistance make these giant geraniums stand out from the rest! Raised from cuttings, Geranium 'Nikolas' has increased vigour and abundant flowers that persist throughout summer if deadheaded regularly. Fantastic for creating dramatic patio displays…

Price: £13.99

Geranium 'Rozanne' - 3 jumbo plug plants

…celebrated Cranesbill producing masses of saucer shaped, violet blue blooms with dainty white centres. Repeat flowering throughout the summer, hardy Geranium 'Rozanne' makes excellent ground cover through the front of informal borders or spilling from containers. As summer ends the loose mounds of foliage…

Price: £9.99 - £19.98

Geranium 'Swizzle Stick' - 3 jumbo plug plants

Make a statement with this striking new geranium; its unusual vivid red and white flowers are abundant and long-flowering. This is a wonderfully fuss-free plant for patio containers, bedding or borders

Price: £9.99

Geranium 'Blue Rose' - 5 jumbo plug plants

Have a bit of fun with this trailing geranium, with blooms that look just like a mini rose, a mini 'blue' rose! Thriving on mediterranean-style, this is the perfect addition to any mixed hanging basket or windowbox display.

Price: £12.99