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Dahlia 'Blue Wish' - 3 tubers

A stunning, new blue dahlia

Price: £9.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Bishop's Children' - 1 packet (50 seeds)

A fiery mix of such striking colour, yet with the innocent flower faces of Bishop's Children. Mid-height, and blends extremely well into borders. However, be warned that a colour eruption may occur! Spectacular in bedding and containers, and as a cut flowerHeight: 60-75cm (24-30 inches). Planting…

Price: £2.99

Dahlia 'Motto' - 10 tubers

Imagine cutting your own beautiful dahlias for vases in your home! Join the vintage revolution with this eye-catching variety; a welcome sight at the end of summer.

Price: £13.99 - £18.99

Dahlia 'Hayley Jane' - 10 tubers

Cactus-flowered dahlias are the kings of the dahlia world with their huge, exhibition-quality flower heads. They�re so pretty - you'd better beat the rush for this glorious dahlia!

Price: £13.99 - £18.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Dandy Improved Mixed' - 1 packet (80 dahlia seeds)

Finally a florist�s favourite available to the home gardener! Years of selection mean we can bring you the best range of colours and flower forms.

Price: £1.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Redskin' - 1 packet (30 seeds)

Very double, compact free-flowering with maroon to bronze-green foliage. A particularly good combination with marigolds. Height: 30-38cm (12-15in)

Price: £0.99

Annual Flower Border Seed Collection (Medium) - 5 varieties - 1 packet of each (2330 seeds in total)

…Calendula 'Neon' (100 seeds), Wild Poppy 'Flanders' (2000 seeds), Rudbeckia 'All Sorts Mixed' (170 seeds), Cerinthe 'Major Purpurascens' (10 seeds), Dahlia 'Bishops Children' (50 seeds).

Price: £9.99

Dahlia 'Pompone Mixed' - 10 dahlia tubers

Every garden needs a splash of dahlias! Use this super value mix in borders for that classic touch. Try growing your own bouquets of exhibitionquality dahlias.

Price: £14.99 - £19.99

Dahlia 'Figaro Mixed' - 36 plug plants

Take a moment to remember how cheerful and colourful dahlias can be! These are tried and tested, short bedding varieties which will create early-flowering cushions of colour. Why not try them as a low-flowering hedge?

Price: £5.99 - £16.99

Summer Bulb Collection - 100 bulb mix

…summer-flowering bulbs includes a wide range of easy-grow, colourful varieties. Mixture contains begonias, freesias, liatris, lilies, gladioli and dahlias.

Price: £24.99 - £34.99

Clematis 'Dancing Smile' - 1 x 7cm potted clematis plant

Absolutely unique. Developed from cross-breeding in Germany in 2004, this stunning clematis variety boasts amazing 100% double flowers - just like a dahlia! The spectacular display in May and June is followed by another flush of blooms later in the summer. Very easy to prune - you only need to deadhead…

Price: £14.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Fireworks Mixed' - 1 packet (75 seeds)

After over 10 years T&M's flower breeders have successfully bred the first ever striped mixture of Dahlias from seed! Spectacular dwarf free-flowering bushy plants with uniquely striped blooms which erupt into a wide range of bright and vibrant colours. Sure to create a dazzling display in borders…

Price: £2.89

Dahlia variabilis 'Cactus Hybrids Mixed' - 1 packet (56 seeds)

Curvaceous, spiky blooms, huge cut flower source, many fully double and mostly true to type. Superb too in the flower border for late summer/autumn blooms. Flowers late summer/autumn. Height 3-4ft. Planting distance 27 inches

Price: £0.99

Dahlia 'Diablo Mixed' - 36 plug plants

The brightly-coloured double blooms of this dwarf dahlia contrast dramatically with the bronze-coloured foliage. Flowering non-stop throughout the summer and early autumn, plants are vigorous and fast-growing.

Price: £11.99 - £16.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Giant Hybrids Mixed' - 1 packet (40 seeds)

Huge flowered, double, semi-double and a few singles of the best cut flower varieties. Height: 90-150cm (3-5ft)

Price: £2.99

Anemone coronaria 'St Bridgid' - 75 tubers

A showier rival to the more common Anemone 'De Caen'. The dahlia-like double flowers of 'St Brigid' are a florist-favourite, making a long-lasting cut flower display. These tough perennials offer the perfect balance of garden performance and vase life.

Price: £8.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Showpiece Mixed Hybrids' - 1 packet (35 seeds)

…plants from this seed have won prizes on the show bench in USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. This breeding produces sensational miniature decorative dahlias, very double and 3-4in across of a quality normally associated only with the most carefully selected of vegetatively propagated varieties. They have…

Price: £0.99

Zinnia elegans 'Purple Prince' - 1 packet (100 seeds)

…these robust plants show excellent garden performance, flowering over a long period and producing an abundance of fully double, deep pink-purple, dahlia-like flowers. This is a taller-than-usual variety of zinnia which will add colour and height to border displays as well as to cut flower arrangements…

Price: £1.99

Dahlia coccinea 'Species Mixed' - 1 packet (25 seeds)

A vibrant mixture of delicate single flowers in several colours with many bicolour shades, Tall and free flowering, makes it ideal for adding height to bedding displays or filling gaps in perennial borders. Height 5 feet. Planting distance 27 inches

Price: £0.69

Dahlia variabilis 'Sunny Reggae' - 1 packet (40 seeds)

Boasting a colour combination like no other, the bushy and compact plants of this dwarf dahlia variety soon burst into flower in a wide range of sunny shades. Free-flowering from July to October, 'Sunny Reggae' really 'stands out from the crowd' whether planted in borders or containers.

Price: £2.79

Dahlia variabilis 'Bambino Mixed' - 1 packet (50 seeds)

Charming, miniature semi-double flowers. Recommended for bedding, pots and containers. Height: 30-45cm (12-18in)

Price: £1.49

Dahlia variabilis 'Collarette Dandy' - 1 packet (55 seeds)

Dwarf bushy dahlias with delightful "collarette" form, in many shades of red, yellow, orange and white all with white matching or contrasting inner collar of quilled petals. Height: 50-60cm (20-24in)

Price: £2.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Double Extreme' - 1 packet (25 seeds)

Extremely attractive dwarf selection, producing a mass of high quality double and semi double flowers in an rich colour mixture, featuring some unique sunset shades. A stunning addition for beds, borders or containers, providing colour throughout the summer. Height: 45-60cm (18-24 inches)

Price: £2.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Pompone Mixed' - 1 packet (50 seeds)

Almost 100% pompon. Height: 90-120cm (3-4ft)

Price: £2.99

Dahlia variabilis 'Dwarf Mixed' - 1 packet (75 seeds)

Vivid, large single and semi-double 8cm (3in) flowers. Neat, mound shaped bushes achieving a memorable main bedding display

Price: £2.69

Annual Flower Border Seed Collection - 15 varieties - 1 packet of each (4930 seeds in total)

…Calendula 'Neon' (100 seeds) Wild Poppy 'Flanders' (2000 seeds) Rudbeckia 'All Sorts Mixed' (170 seeds) Cerinthe 'Major Purpurascens' (10 seeds) Dahlia 'Bishops Children' (50 seeds) Nicotiana sylvestris (2000 seeds) Cosmos 'All sorts mixed' (100 seeds) Nasturtium 'Jewel of Africa' (25 seeds) Sweet…

Price: £24.99