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Hyacinth Orchid - 2 bare root plants

Beautiful, magenta pink blooms hang from the tips of slender stems. The lovely colours, distinctive fragrance and architectural elegance of the Hyacinth Orchid add a touch of class to damp woodland borders. Although quite slow to spread, once established Bletilla striata is surprisingly easy to grow. Ideal…

Price: £19.99

Marsh Orchid - 2 bare root plants

…patterned flowers are carried on tall stems above linear green foliage each summer. These unusual terrestrial Marsh orchids are natives of European marshlands so they are perfectly hardy. Dactylorhiza majalis is surprisingly easy to grow when planted in reliably moist or boggy soils, and you can even…

Price: £20.99

Lady's Slipper Orchid - 1 bare root plant

A fascinating hardy terrestrial orchid that will create an impressive talking point in your garden. The Lady's Slipper Orchid produces exquisite white blooms with pronounced cerise pink pouches. These unusual orchids are perfectly hardy grown in moist soil in the dappled shade of trees. Height: 75cm…

Price: £19.99