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Turnip 'Primera' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (150 turnip seeds)

Mini Vegetable. Turnip Primera F1 produces succulent, pure white 'ping pongball sized roots full of flavour especially grated raw in salads or as a steamed vegetable. Use tender tops of Turnip Primera F1 in salads, stir fries or steamed

Price: £3.39

Leek 'Lancelot' - 1 packet (75 leek seeds)

…-flavoured alternative to spring onions for salads and stir fries. Sown thickly, in open ground or containers, they can be harvested just 3 months later as mini leeks. Leek 'Lancelot' can also be grown as mature full sized leeks for autumn and winter cropping. This uniform leek is winter hardy with good virus…

Price: £1.99

Sweet Pepper 'Mini Bell Mixed' - 1 packet (30 sweet pepper seeds)

The dwarf, compact plants of Sweet Pepper Mini Bell Mixed produce a huge crop of small, blocky shaped, sweet peppers in red, orange and chocolate colours. Early to flower and to set fruit throughout a long growing season. Sweet Pepper Mini Bell Mixed is suitable for growing in a greenhouse or outdoors…

Price: £2.19

Leek 'Kong Richard' - 1 packet (125 leek seeds)

…for use until Christmas. You can also direct sow Leek King Richard without the need to transplant, or grow closer together for delicious, succulent mini leeks

Price: £2.69

Cucumber 'Vega' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (4 cucumber seeds)

Outdoor typeCrunchy cucumbers with a good flavour and no bitter after taste. Cucumber 'Vega' produces good yields of 12cm (5") long mini fruits throughout the summer if picked regularly. With good powdery mildew tolerance, this variety is perfect for outdoor cultivation, especially when trained against…

Price: £3.99

Cucumber 'Cucino' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (4 cucumber seeds)

…snacks - these exciting little 'cucinocucumbers can be eaten straight from the plant without peeling. Cucumber 'Cucino' produces crisp, flavoursome mini-fruits prolifically throughout the season. This RHS AGM variety can be grown against supports in the greenhouse or in a sheltered position outdoors…

Price: £3.99

Cucumber 'Zeina' F1 Hybrid - 1 packet (5 cucumber seeds)

…flowering is sweet, juicy and highly versatile. Cucumber 'Zeina' is an excellent smooth-skinned hybrid cucumber, specifically bred to provide lots of mini cucumbers that are best harvested when 20cm (8") long This RHS AGM variety is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, preferably trained against…

Price: £6.99

Carrot 'Atlas' - 1 packet (100 carrot seeds)

…are deliciously sweet and crunchy with virtually coreless flesh. These bite sized carrots are ideal for eating raw in salads or steaming as a mini vegetable. A great choice for patio containers. Height: 30cm (12"'). Spread: 15cm (6"').

Price: £1.99

Cucumber 'Picolino' - Duchy Originals Organic Seeds - 1 packet (4 cucumber seeds)

Outdoor type. Crisp, juicy, half length mini cucumbers that are great for slicing. The fruits of Cucumber 'Picolino' are the perfect size for one meal, with no left overs. This all-female flowering variety produces many fruits and requires regularly harvesting to maintain production. An ideal outdoor…

Price: £3.99

Carrot 'Mini Finger' - 1 packet (1000 carrot seeds)

Quick maturing Carrot 'Mini Finger' is ideal for harvesting as 'baby carrots'. Try an early sowing in the cold frame or successional sowings in patio containers for an ongoing supply of tender, tasty, cylindrical roots. Height: 30cm (12"'). Spread: 15cm (6"').

Price: £2.49

Tomato 'Ildi' - 1 packet (40 tomato seeds)

Mini, sweet yellow, pear shaped cherry tomatoes with up to 80 fruits per truss. Tomato 'Ildi' is a cordon variety that naturally stops growing at 150-180cm (5-6') carrying 3-4 trusses per plant. Trusses keep well and can be picked, hung in a cool garage, and kept for weeks without the fruit dropping…

Price: £2.69

Chilli Pepper 'Prairie Fire' (Hot) - 1 packet (20 chilli pepper seeds)

…small, but they certainly make up for size when it comes to flavour! One bushy plant will give you a non-stop summer crop of literally hundreds of mini, extremely hot peppers. (Capsicum annuum)

Price: £2.69