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Perennial 'Best Value' Collection - 72 plug plants - 6 of each variety

Fill your beds and borders with this bargain perennial collection. Perennial plants will bloom year after year and they can also be cut and brought into the house for beautiful flower arrangements. This collection includes the varieties Armeria 'Mixed', Digitalis 'Dalmation Mixed', Echinacea 'Primadonna'…

Price: £19.99

Poppy 'Champagne Bubbles' - 12 plug plants

Each year, the Chelsea Flower Show is simply overflowing with choice perennials. This variety is a well-respected plant which offers great garden performance

Price: £7.99

Geranium 'Jackpot Mixed' F1 Hybrid - 72 plug plants

Weather-tolerant F1 hybrid plants with stunning blooms are ideal for brightening beds and borders all summer long.

Price: £7.99 - £12.99

Rudbeckia hirta 'Cherry Brandy' - 36 plug plants

…Morgan's plant breeders are proud to present the first-ever red rudbeckia! These robust plants have outstanding garden performance, producing a mass of attractive, cherry-coloured blooms all summer long. Triumphing over heat and poor soils, these versatile coneflowers look stunning when planted beds, large…

Price: £4.99 - £17.99

Wallflower 'Winter Party' - 12 jumbo plug plants

The pick of the crop when it comes to perennial wallflowers! The deeply perfumed flowers are constantly changing colour with primrose, burnt orange and mauve shades.

Price: £14.99 - £19.99

Annual 'Best Value Bumper' Collection - 72 plug plants - 6 of each variety

Everything you need to make your beds, borders and baskets look amazing this year! These variety packs are great value and are guaranteed to fill your garden with colour that will last all summer long. Collection includes the varieties Antirrhinum 'Candy Canes' Mixed, Salvia splendens 'Blaze of Fire'…

Price: £19.99

Marigold 'Zenith Mixed' F1 Hybrid - 36 plug plants

If you're only going to grow one marigold mixture this summer, then choose 'Zenith Mixed'. The best of both French and African types - vigorous plants smothered in bright flowers, whatever the weather.

Price: £9.99 - £14.99

Gaillardia 'Arizona Apricot' - 12 plug plants

Thrives in the poorest of soils

Price: £5.99 - £8.99

Poppy 'Angels Choir Mixed' - 24 plug plants

It took 10 years of painstaking breeding to create this work of art. And yet these amazingly beautiful poppies are so easy to grow in almost any position in the garden. Double-fl owered with a silky texture and in wonderful soft colours - from whites to pinks and rare oranges - 'Angel's Choirlook…

Price: £10.99 - £15.99

Coleus 'Junior Kong Mixed' - 24 plug plants

You'll be amazed at how quickly these plants get established - and they look amazing, their leaves all splashed with colour. Try them in big pots or mix them in with your favourite summer annuals.

Price: £9.99 - £14.99

Geranium 'Jackpot Pink' F1 Hybrid - 36 plug plants

Weather-tolerant F1 hybrid plants with stunning blooms are ideal for brightening beds and borders all summer long.

Price: £8.99

Begonia 'Non-stop Citrus' - 48 plug plants

This selection provides the same continuous summer flower power as other �Non-Stop� varieties, but this time in a zesty array of citrus colours.

Price: £9.99 - £14.99

Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun' - 24 plug plants

'Tough as old bootsis one way we've heard gaillardia described! They almost thrive on neglect and love hot, dry conditions. A true perennial - they'll flower all summer and again next year too

Price: £5.99 - £17.99

Begonia 'Perfectly Pink' - 10 jumbo plug plants

Who'd have thought a fancy begonia with such big, blowsy blooms would be so weatherproof? The first from a new programme of elegant, single-flowered varieties, this will be the star of your summer patio!

Price: £17.99 - £24.99

Osteospermum 'Bronze Medallion' - 12 plug plants

Cape Daisies are fail-safe bedding and container plants for stress-free summer colour. Flowering over a long period, even through periods of drought, this new bronze colour looks almost metallic and works well in any colour scheme.

Price: £11.99 - £21.99

Rudbeckia hirta 'Toto' - 12 plug plants

The perfect bedding plant; short, branching and smothered in golden yellow, cheerful blooms from summer to autumn.

Price: £9.99 - £17.99

Verbena 'Quartz Mixed' F1 Hybrid - 72 plug plants

…excellent mildew resistance that will guarantee a long lasting display. With a dwarf, spreading habit, Verbena 'Quartz Mixed' is invaluable for massing in beds, borders, window boxes and hanging baskets. Height: 25cm (10"'). Spread: 30cm (12"')

Price: £4.99 - £16.99

Bacopa 'Snowtopia' - 24 plug plants

…-selling hanging basket fillers in every UK garden centre. You can always count on bacopa for a showy display, so why not order now so you're ready to plant up those baskets?

Price: £4.99 - £17.99

Zinnia marylandica 'Zahara Mixed' - 50 plug plants

New, highly commended zinnia series specially selected for growing in cooler climates, so they'll be able to handle any unpredictable UK summerZahara Yellowwas awarded a Best Buy by Gardening Which? magazine too

Price: £13.99 - £18.99

Begonia 'Sunlovers' - 18 jumbo plug plants

These superb begonias work really well as summer patio plants, whatever the weather. They flower their hearts out in sun or shade, consistently demonstrating fantastic garden performance. The blooms may look delicate,but they're actually really robust! We've tested them, so why don't you try some in…

Price: £9.99 - £29.99

Begonia 'Nonstop Golden Orange' - 24 plug plants

Superb both in garden borders and patio containers, this spectacular begonia, as its name implies, has an long flowering period running from early spring to late autumn.

Price: £9.99 - £14.99

Cosmos atrosanguineus 'Chocamocha' - 3 jumbo plug plants

Impress your friends with the authentic chocolate fragrance of this super cosmos. An improvement on lanky Cosmos atrosanguinea - �Chocamocha� is shorter and much more compact, so it looks fabulous in pots on the patio. You�ll love them!

Price: £12.99 - £17.99

Thompson & Morgan's Best Bedding Mix - 72 plug plants

…our bedding range? We�re not surprised. If you can't decide, or if you've got an extra bed or pot to fill, order this extra special collection of the very best bedding plant varieties. Vigour, performance and colour are a given with this super value pack! This superb collection of bedding plants will…

Price: £9.99

Pansy 'Matrix™ Mixed' - 36 plug plants

…high, whatever the weather brings to ensure your garden is filled with colour. Easy to grow, Pansy 'Matrix Mixed' is the perfect plant for all your containers and bedding displays. Height and spread: 23cm (9")

Price: £6.99 - £9.99

Gazania 'Shepherd's Delight' - 36 plug plants

…unpredictable British summer! This handblended mix of daisy-like flowers in vivid ruby red shades with a gently bushing habit is perfect for your borders, bedding or pots.

Price: £12.99 - £17.99

Pansy 'Matrix™ Morpheus' - 36 plug plants

Another 'modern' Matrix™ pansy, 'Morpheus' has been bred to give outstanding garden performance in both borders and containers. Plants remain well-branched and floriferous in hot and cold weather conditions. Easy to grow and with very attractive and distinctive flowers.

Price: £11.99 - £16.99

Perennial Pack A 'T&M's Choice' - 36 plug plants - 6 of each variety

Fill your beds and borders with this bargain perennial collection. Perennial plants will bloom year after year and they can also be cut and brought into the house for beautiful flower arrangements. This collection includes the varieties Aquilegia 'Swan' Mixed, Carnation 'Ever-blooming' Mixed, Lavender…

Price: £14.99

Antirrhinum 'Candy Canes Mixed' - 72 plug plants

The first of a new generation in high quality, fragrant snapdragons! A tried and tested variety that won't disappoint in the garden or in a vase

Price: £4.99 - £16.99

Petunia 'Easy Wave™' (Improved Mix) - 72 plug plants

…make Petunia 'Easy wave™' adaptable to almost any garden situation - it even makes an excellent ground cover plant! This vibrant mix has all the qualities of cutting-raised plants at a fraction of the cost, and contains three RHS AGM winning colours. Height and spread: 60cm (24"')

Price: £4.99 - £17.99

Laurentia 'Indigo Stars' - 36 plug plants

Confirmed T&M customer favourite, exceptionally long-flowering laurentia is perfect for both containers and bedding. Drought tolerant and generally resilient, new 'Indigo Starsis a deeper-coloured selection and its compact habit makes it ideal for pots

Price: £11.99 - £16.99

Marigold 'French Vanilla' F1 Hybrid - 24 plug plants

…Vanilla' is a triumph in plant breeding, producing masses of large blooms up to 75cm (3"') across that are absolutely pure in colour. Better still, it has less of the pungent marigold smell than its cousins. A definite improvement! Perfect for bringing a contemporary twist to beds, borders and containers…

Price: £9.99 - £19.99

Lobelia erinus 'Ultra Cascade Mixed' - 72 plug plants

Lobelias usually burn out quickly during the summer, but this unique mix solves that problem by blending a handful of earlier varieties from days gone by with the newer, longer-lasting varieties. The result is a rich, extra long-lasting colour carnival. A successful blend of old and new. Trails to:…

Price: £10.99 - £15.99

Lisianthus 'Summer Blue Roses' - 12 plug plants

…something different this year, grow these blue 'Japanese summer roses'! Each bloom closely resembles a sumptuous rose and each plant will produce a bouquet of pretty blue flowers. Plants thrive in a baking hot border or on a sun-drenched patio

Price: £9.99 - £19.99

Petunia 'Purple Velvet' F1 Hybrid - 72 plug plants

…superb velvety, purple blooms throughout summer, and right up to the first frosts. Fantastic in baskets, containers and window boxes, or try them in beds as dense ground cover. Trails to: 60cm (24"')

Price: £11.99 - £22.99

Marigold 'Lemon Zest' - 36 plug plants

Subtle-coloured marigolds; perfect for mixed borders. If you thought marigolds were only ever loud and brightly coloured, then think again. This new variety blooms in a lovely soft yellow works just as well in mixed borders as it does on its own in patio containers. You'll love the understated,…

Price: £11.99 - £16.99

Osteospermum hybrida 'Passion Mixed' - 24 plug plants

…cape daisies flower all summer long and are never happier than when the sun is at its hottest, as they are drought tolerant too. Perfect for borders, beds and patio containers. Height and spread: 45cm (18"')

Price: £12.99 - £22.99