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Potato 'Kifli' - 20 potato tubers

Early maincrop. Best planted early as it can be a slow starter, Potato 'Kifli' shows the usual good 'Sarpo' family resistance to drought and blight, as well as a high resistance to virus. This early maincrop variety produces elongated white-skinned tubers with a fabulous 'new potato' flavour, that…

Price: £5.99 - £9.99

Potato 'Sarpo Collection' - 30 potato tubers - 10 of each variety

…produces huge yields of tasty, floury tubers. Potato 'Blue Danube (early maincrop) - Blue-purple skinned, oval tubers with good flavour. Potato 'S�rpo Kifli(early maincrop) - Best enjoyed when cooked in their skins. Potato 'S�rpo Axona(maincrop) - Similar to 'Sarpo Mirabut the tubers are more regular in…

Price: £7.99