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Stock 'Most Scented Mix' (Garden-Ready) - 30 garden-ready plants

Our garden-ready plants are now even bigger and better! You can plant our garden-ready plants straight into the garden when they arrive - it couldn�t be easier! There�s no need to re-pot them or to grow them on - just plant and water them. Pretty soon you�ll be enjoying their wonderful…

Price: £14.99

Stock 'Tall Clove Scented Mix' - 140 miniplug plants

With their spicy, clove-like scent, and tall sturdy stems, these stocks make fantastic cut flowers that bring fragrance and colour to your home. The closely packed flower spikes of this tall, clove scented mix emerge in a blend of at least 6 lovely pastel shades. This customer favourite mingles beautifully…

Price: £11.99 - £27.99

Stock 'Dwarf Mixed' (Brompton Stocks) - 1 packet (100 seeds)

Upright bushy, early flowering biennials producing gloriously scented flowers in a good colour range which are splendid for cutting. Flowers early summer. Height 18in

Price: £1.99

Stock 'Appleblossom' - 1 packet (40 seeds)

To one of the most beautiful annuals, T&M have added one of the loveliest of colour combinations and Mother Nature has supplied the fragrance. Perfume, beauty and elegance in pink and white all rolled into one. Invaluable summer bedding plants with dense showy spikes of sweet scented flowers.…

Price: £0.69

Stock 'Vintage Mixed' - 1 packet (70 seeds)

…60% of the plants will have fully double blooms ranging in colour from copper to burgundy and from lavender to yellow AND are perfect for cutting. Stocks Vintage Mixed is free flowering in borders or containers

Price: £0.99

Stock 'Cinderella Series Mixed' - 1 packet (50 seeds)

An extremely early and long flowering blend of five distinct colours ideal for the border or in pots. In the garden it has a branching habit with multiple flower spikes, whilst in pots its compact with a single superb flower spike. Magnificently fragrant with a sweet and spicy clove scent like an…

Price: £3.99

Stock 'Night Scented' - 1 packet (2000 seeds)

…benefit of such a beautiful fragrance. Below windows, patio tubs, window boxes, even a small sowing in hanging baskets. Try mixing with Virginian Stock before sowing to provide a mixture of attractive flower and fragrance. Flowers summer. Height 12in

Price: £1.99

Most Scented Bumper Pack - 72 plug plants - 12 of each variety

…'Most ScentedMix - Hundreds of pretty little blooms smother the plants with their multi-coloured display as well as their wonderful strong fragrance. Stocks 'Most Scented' Mix - Specially selected for their strong and spicy fragrance as well as for their fabulous colours. Pansy 'Most Scented' Mix - The…

Price: £16.99

Buddleja 'Buzz™ Candy Pink' - 1 jumbo buddleja plug plant

…will flower ALL summer, on tidy, stocky, near-sterile plants that will never overtake your garden or self-sow themselves around the plot. Limited stocks available, make sure you order early!

Price: £7.99 - £14.99

Clematis 'Tie Dye' - 1 x 7cm potted plant

…blooms with unique flecks and stripes comes from a chance seedling of Clematis Jackmanii. A highly demanded variety; it has taken us a while to secure stocks to offer our customers. Flowering over a long period from June to September.

Price: £13.99 - £19.99