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Runner Bean 'Moonlight' - 1 packet (45 runner bean seeds)

…breakthrough in British runner bean breeding, offering predominantly self setting plants for a guaranteed crop. This profusely white-flowering variety combines the valuable characteristics of French beans with those of runner beans, resulting in extra smooth, very fleshy, stringless pods up to 25cm (10"…

Price: £3.69

Runner Bean 'Lady Di' - 1 packet (40 runner bean seeds)

…heavy crops of tender runner beans over a long season. Runner Bean 'Lady Di' is a red flowered variety producing completely stringless, 30cm (12"') long pods. These delicious beans are particularly fleshy due to their very slow seed development, resulting in superb quality beans. Height: 3m (10'). Spread…

Price: £3.69

Runner Bean 'Firestorm' - 1 packet (40 runner bean seeds)

'Firestorm' is the first scarlet-flowered runner bean that is completely self fertile. Producing a good crop of stringless beans which are slightly thicker, slightly sweeter and more tender than other varieties. And the flowers are an attractive bonus

Price: £1.84

Runner Bean 'White Lady' - 1 packet (30 runner bean seeds)

…high yielding plants produce the most tender, thick, succulent pods you have ever tasted. The delicious long, mid green beans of Runner Bean ‘White Lady’ are stringless with a wonderful smooth texture. These white flowered plants are less prone to bird attack than their red flowered cousins…

Price: £3.69

Runner Bean 'Scarlet Empire' - 1 packet (35 runner bean seeds)

…productive variety has been bred from 'Scarlet Emperor', a kitchen garden favourite for over 100 years. Runner Bean 'Scarlet Empire' produces longer, smoother, slender pods which are stringless, but remain as early, tasty and productive as its forebear. The plants are vigorous and quick to emerge -…

Price: £3.69

Runner Bean 'Celebration' - 1 packet (40 runner bean seeds)

…particularly high yielding, producing an abundance of tender beans with an excellent flavour. The pods of Runner Bean 'Celebration' are fleshy, straight, smooth, and almost stringless when young. With its pretty peach-pink flowers this attractive runner bean will look equally at home in your vegetable plot or…

Price: £3.69

Runner Bean 'White Apollo' - 1 packet (35 runner bean seeds)

A superb quality bean that shows British breeding at its best. Runner Bean 'White Apollo' produces long, straight, smooth, stringless pods up to 37cm (15"') long with an excellent flavour. This RHS AGM variety produces prolific crops over a long period for continuous yields throughout summer. Unlike…

Price: £3.69

Runner Bean 'Polestar' - 1 packet (40 runner bean seeds)

British bred for high yields and reliability, Runner Bean 'Polestar' has become a gardenersfavourite. The stringless, fleshy pods are produced in clusters of fleshy, flavoursome beans reaching 25cm (10"') in length. This RHS AGM variety is early to flower and crops well over a long season. Height…

Price: £2.99

Top Bean Collection - 4 packets (195 seeds in total)

Bean Opera: An early-maturing, long-cropping Kenyan-type with slim, dark-green, 10-12cm (4-5in) long stringless pods. Broad Bean De Monica: (White seeded). De Monica is the earliest-maturing broad bean variety from a spring sowing. Runner Bean Firestorm: Firestorm' is the first scarlet-flowered runner

Price: £9.99

Runner Bean 'Wisley Magic' - 1 packet (40 runner bean seeds)

…while young and tender to ensure a long cropping period. Although the pods of Runner Bean 'Wisley Magic' are not completely stringless, they have a low fibre content and a superior flavour - that 'old fashionedrunner bean taste. Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 30cm (12"')

Price: £3.69

Runner Bean 'Desiree' - 1 packet (50 runner bean seeds)

A very heavy cropping runner bean that crops well even in dry conditions. Runner Bean 'Desiree' produces long, broad pods up to 30cm (12"') in length that are completely stringless. The beans of this white flowered variety produce few seeds, making them particularly flashy and flavoursome. Height…

Price: £3.99

Runner Bean 'Hestia' (Dwarf) - 1 packet (30 runner bean seeds)

A superb variety that is ideal for small gardens and large containers, reaching only 45cm (18"') tall. Dwarf Runner Bean 'Hestia' produces good yields of long, straight, stringless pods with a good flavour. This attractive, bicoloured variety begins cropping early in the season, carrying the pods…

Price: £3.69

Runner Bean 'Jackpot Mixed' - 1 packet (20 runner bean seeds)

The latest in British breeding! Dwarf Runner Bean 'Jackpot Mixed' produces stringless, tender pods of an outstanding quality on short compact plants - a major advance in habit and bean quality on previous dwarf varieties. The attractive flowers, which include pink, white, red, and red-and-white bicolour…

Price: £3.69