Thompson & Morgan

Developing New Plant Varieties

…exciting new addition is Verbascum 'Blue Lagoon'. It actually came about as a result of trying to find a red verbascum! Charles was looking at a species native to Armenia and Turkey and had selected some of the deepest colours, one of which was a violet with a slight blue hue coming from it. He'd…

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog May 2012 - Chelsea Flower Show

…introductions. As part of Hillier's majestic stand in the centre, our 2011 Plant of the Year contender Verbascum 'Blue Lagoon' is being used to great effect in their planting. The steely blue flowers are attracting much attention. Aside from our dazzling 2012 Plant of the Year winner, Digitalis…

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog May 2012 - Surprising Plants

…royal blue and zonal geraniums are getting better, deeper yellows too. Here at Thompson & Morgan we experienced our own blue breakthrough just last year with Verbascum 'Blue Lagoon'. Oddly enough our breeder was trying to get a good red colour, but a delightful blue popped up! It's the best blue