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Brugmansia suaveolens 'Double Fragrant Yellow'

15 Reviews

Bring the tropics to your own conservatory with these exotic Brazilian natives! Enormous, fully double, trumpet shaped blooms dangle elegantly from their woody stems throughout summer, giving them the common name of Angel?s Trumpets. The flowers are night-scented,…  More Info

  • Sun shade: Full sun
  • Grows in: Borders
  • Flower Colour: Yellow
  • Longevity: Shrub

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Gynostemma pentaphyllum

0 Reviews

The Sweet Tea Vine is a quick-growing ground-cover plant. With its pretty, shiny leaves and delicate yellow summer flowers, it's perfect for shady locations. The flowers are followed by rich, dark fruits. Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is virtually hardy and needs to be…  More Info

  • Sun shade: Dappled shade
  • Grows in: Borders
  • Flower Colour: Yellow
  • Longevity: Perennial

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