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Red-Hot Cat's Tail (House Plant Seeds)

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Commonly known as Red-Hot Cat's Tail, for its furry, long red blooms. This upright shrub makes a superb conservatory specimen, draped in pendulous blooms throughout the summer.  More Info

  • Sun shade: full sun
  • Grows in: Indoor Plant
  • Flower Colour: Red
  • Longevity: Shrub


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Brazilian Fuchsia

31 Reviews

An exquisite winter flowering shrub for a warm conservatory! This unusual tender shrub will brighten up the winter months with its tropical, two-tone, tubular flowers. The dangling blooms are borne in profusion from winter to early spring, against a background of dark,…  More Info

  • Sun shade: sun or semi shade
  • Grows in: Borders
  • Flower Colour: Red
  • Longevity: Shrub

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