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Cactus 'Special Mix'

All sorts of easy to grow cacti all of which are ideally suited to window-sills, sun rooms or greenhouse. Height 10-60cm (4-24in). Flowering most times of year. Packets should contain: Carnegia gigantes, Ferocactus aconthodes, Ferocactus wislenzii. Lemairocereus…  More Info

  • Longevity: Perennial


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Hardy 'Garden Cactus'

This Echinopsis is a superb Chamaecereus x Lobivia hybrid. The result is a hardy ?Garden Cactus? that can be grown outdoors, all year round in the UK! Gardeners who have grown cacti indoors will know just how little maintenance these intriguing plants need.  More Info

  • Sun shade: sun or semi shade
  • Grows in: Borders
  • Flower Colour: Mixed
  • Longevity: Perennial

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Cactus Mixed Collection

Long-lasting and thriving on a sunny windowsill, or in a conservatory, this delightful collection of three cacti will cope for weeks on end without a drop of water given. Many varieties will surprise you with a display of vibrant, showy flowers if conditions are…  More Info


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Cactus Mix (House Plant)

An exciting easy to grow mix of cacti that are perfect for putting on a sunny windowsill, or in a conservatory or greenhouse! Cacti plants thrive in bright light and cope for weeks on end without a drop of water given.  More Info

  • Sun shade: sun or semi shade
  • Grows in: Containers

  • Longevity: Perennial

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Cactus 'Special Mixed' - Exotic Seed Collection

An exciting mix of all sorts of easy to grow cacti, which are all well suited to window sills, sun rooms or greenhouses. It's easy to grow a cactus, and this fun mix means that you never know quite what you are going to grow!  More Info

  • Sun shade: Full sun
  • Grows in: Indoor Plant

  • Longevity: Perennial


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Kindu Glass Pot Wooden Tray Vase

This this stylish glass planter delivers chic, contemporary style for your favourite houseplants. With clean lines and a simple finish, the glass Kindu Vase and wooden tray are perfect for adding a finishing touch to modern, minimalist rooms.  More Info

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