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'Evergreen Buddleia'

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 11th January 2013

…one end narrow the other. 36ft long widest part 24ft gradual narrowing to 18 ft. I'd like perennials, fragrant climbers, and obviously some evergreens. I also want to attract wild birds, I love honeysuckles, armandii clematis, jasmine, Lavender , Buddleja davidii . I also want pots strategically…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 4th April 2014

…savannah in tropical or subtropical areas of the world and as such do like to have plenty of light and warmth, even in the winter, as they are evergreen. Placing them in a relatively sunny position throughout the summer should help to stimulate flowering. It is often recommended that indoor…

Climbing Plants for Walls and Fences | Plants for a Purpose

…spring can cause damage to frozen buds and leaves. Rapid thawing of the buds and leaves can cause cell damage resulting in browning or withering. Evergreen climbing plants and shrubs such as Camellias are particularly susceptible to this. Plants for north and east-facing walls Climbing plant Wall…

Facebook Question and Answer session 25th July 2014

…mature, variegated Holly drops half it's leaves at this time of year. Any remedies, Sue? * Sue - T&M Horticultural Expert * Hi Christine. Like most evergreens, Holly will drop its leaves when stressed in some way. Water stress would be the first thing that I would check for at this time of the year.…

Native vs Non Native

…Verbena Trees and shrubs for wildlife Both native and non-native trees and shrubs provide invaluable shelter for all sorts of creatures, and evergreen shrubs ensure there is shelter all year round. Don't let a small garden put you off native trees and shrubs. Many are suitable for coppicing (cutting…