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'Fan Fruit Trees'

Plum 'Victoria'

Britain's best known plum and undoubtedly the nation's favourite. This reliable British bred garden variety produces heavy crops of egg shaped, medium sized fruits that are ideal for both culinary and dessert use. 'Victoria' Plums make delicious pies and jams, or simply eat themMore Info

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Cherry 'Sunburst'

Cherry 'Sunburst' makes an attractive tree both in flower or when laden with fruit. A slightly earlier cropping variety than 'Stella', from mid July this dessert variety produces large dark red, almost black cherries of the sweetest flavour. The high quality fruits store well forMore Info

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Redcurrant 'Rovada'

Large luscious red fruits are produced in profusion from mid July through August, producing up to 2.5kg (6lb) from a single plant in a season. Redcurrant 'Rovada' bears its generous crop in long strings making them particularly easy to harvest. Redcurrants have a long cropping seMore Info

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Cherry 'Stella'

Britain's best known dessert cherry that reliably produces firm, dark red fleshed fruits with the sweetest flavour, that can be harvested from mid July to August. A Canadian bred variety, Cherry 'Stella' makes an attractive tree both in flower or when laden with fruit. Grafted onMore Info

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Apple 'Braeburn'

Britain's No1 eating apple! Apple 'Braeburn' produces huge crops of bi-coloured, smooth skinned, crisp and juicy fruits. This well known variety earns its popularity by being easy to grow, early to crop from a young age, and having excellent storage potential. The heavy crops ofMore Info

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Pomegranate 'Provence'

Often associated with more tropical climates, the pomegranate actually has exceptional resistance to low temperatures - down to as low as -15 �C and can be reliably grown in the UK. Enjoy the sweet-sharp fruit flesh or use the fragrant pomegranate 'kernels' to make a fragrant juiMore Info


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Fig 'Brown Turkey'

Our Fig 'Brown Turkey' standard trees are supplied with a small head of branches above a straight single stem to create an attractive standard tree that is ideally suited to growing in patio containers. Specially selected for the UK climate, Fig 'Brown Turkey' is fully hardy andMore Info

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Dwarf Fan Palm

Some gardeners spend the winter months dreaming of sunshine and heat. What better way, then, to drive away those January blues than by transforming your garden or conservatory into a luxury holiday destination? Planting this hardy, evergreen Dwarf or European Fan Palm will add anMore Info


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Nectarine 'Madame Blanchette'

Attractive and delicious, this white fleshed nectarine boasts an exquisite flavour and appearance. It is self fertile and is guaranteed to produce large crops fan-trained on a sunny wall or fenceMore Info


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Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis'

With its dark green foliage growing in shell-like waves or fans, and its narrow pyramid shape, this compact Hinoki Cypress is perfect for adding evergreen structure to a rockery or border. Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Gracilis' grows extremely slowly, taking many years to reach itsMore Info

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Alchemilla mollis

A beautiful herbaceous perennial with pleated, fan shaped leaves that become jewelled with twinkling raindrops. Throughout the summer, plumes of honey-scented, lime green flowers create a frothy haze above the apple-green foliage. Alchemila mollis is a delightful little plant, foMore Info

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