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'Flower Sprout'

Kalettes® Garden Mix F1

Interesting British breeding, a cross between the Kale and Brussels Sprouts species producing 'rosettesof loose frilly edged buttons on a long stalk, in purples, greens and bicoloured leaves. However, the flavour and nutritional content of Brassica Petit Posy™ is akin to spMore Info


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Broccoli 'Red Arrow' (Purple Sprouting)

Developed by Dr. Gray of Wellesbourne. A vast improvement on exisiting strains, cropping 1 week earlier and yielding up to 20% more. Sprouting Early Purple Red Arrow Broccoli produces vigorous vitamin rich plants with lots of tender flower buds. An extremely useful and easy to grMore Info


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Hydrangea serrata Preziosa'

The large, deep pink, mophead flowers of Hydrangea serrata 'Preziosa' make an impressive display in early summer, and as summer wears on the flowers slowly turn to a rich, darker red, lasting into September. The leaves begin their display with bronze colours in spring, maturing tMore Info

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Swiss Chard 'Lucullus'

A much more prolific form, Swiss Chard Lucullus produces an abundance of large, tasty leaves and wide, white mid-ribs. Cook the succulent mid-rib like asparagus and serve with melted butter. Easier, and some consider tastier, than spinach. If the plants of Swiss Chard Lucullus arMore Info


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Sarcococca ruscifolia

Unusually, this Dwarf Sweet Box is at its sweetest in the bleak midwinter. While the leaves are falling from its deciduous neighbours, this shrub's evergreen foliage sprouts small, snowflake-like flowers that eliminate any need for dreaming of a white Christmas. What's more, thesMore Info

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