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'Golden Delicious'

Apple 'Golden Delicious'

Deep plum-purple flowers appear in spring above the evergreen foliage of Vinca minor 'Atropurpurea'. This attractive Lesser Periwinkle is less vigorous than its larger cousin Vinca major, making it easier to confine to its allotted space.More Info

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Apple 'Golden Delicious' (Mini Fruit Tree)

A versatile garden variety in the warmer parts of the UK, Apple 'Golden Delicious' can be used as both a dessert and a cooking apple. It produces good yields of good looking golden-green apples, which store well for a long period after harvesting. When grafted onto a dwarfing rooMore Info


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Pea 'Golden Sweet' (Mangetout)

A tall growing variety with red leaf nodes and lovely mauve flowers followed by deliciously sweet pale golden-yellow, crisp pods. Best picked regularly before the peas swell in the pods, ideal steamed whole or added to stir fries. Mangetout Golden Sweet grows to 210cm (7ft) so neMore Info


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Fruit Tree Collection (Mini Fruit Tree)

This collection of miniature fruit trees allows you to create your very own orchard regardless of the size of your garden. The trees can be planted in patio containers, where their dwarf habit will limit growth to a mere 1m (3'3). The Fruit Tree Collection includes a 30-40cm (1'-More Info


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Potato 'Golden Wonder'

MaincropA well known maincrop variety with russeted skin and pale mauve tipped white flowers. The floury flesh of Potato 'Golden Wonder' makes it one of the best varieties for baking, frying and roasting, with a rich flavour that improves on storage. Potato 'Golden Wonder' is heaMore Info

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Salvia 'Dyson's Joy'

Apple ?Golden Delicious? is a versatile garden variety for the warmer parts of the UK, which can be used both as a dessert and cooking apple. This easy to grow variety produces good yields of attractive golden-green apples that store well over a long period after harvesting.More Info

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Tomato 'Sungold'

Cordon. An outstanding cordon cherry tomato for glasshouse or outdoor culture. Tomato 'Sungold' has an exceptionally high sugar content, that easily rivals 'Gardeners Delight', making its attractive, golden-orange fruit irresistibly sweet and juicy. The high yields of delicious fMore Info

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Shallot 'Gourmet Collection' (Spring Planting)

Spring planting. Enjoy growing your own 'gourmetshallots. This spring planting collection includes: Shallot 'Golden Gourmet- These lovely golden brown-skinned bulbs store well throughout the winter. Received a Gardening Which? Best Buy award for largest yield. Shallot 'Red GourmeMore Info


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Beetroot 'Boldor'

An improved golden beet offering better seedling emergence, vigour and root uniformity. Roots are deliciously sweet and young leaves can be eaten raw, steamed or stir fried.More Info


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Fruit Tree Collection (Mini Fruit Tree)

Full of flavour and nutrition but small enough to grow on your balcony or patio. Delicious eating apples, pears, cherries or plums picked fresh from the tree as nature intended. These fruit trees produce large fruits on a dwarf stem growing only 1m tall. Height supplied 30-40cm iMore Info


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Potato 'Setanta'

Setanta is perfect for roasting with its attractive, golden crisp skins and melt-in-the-mouth buttery flesh. Boasting as one of its parent lines, 'Rooster', Setanta is of late maincrop maturity, producing a high yield of medium-sized, shallow-eyed, oval red-skinned tubers with meMore Info

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Tomato 'Sweetest Tomato Duo'

These outstanding cordon varieties have been specially selected by T&M for their exceptional sweet flavour. These delicious cherry tomatoes will produce heavy crops whether they are grown under glass or in a sunny spot outdoors. Height: 200cm (79). Spread: 50cm (20). CollectiMore Info


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Nasturtium 'Crimson Emperor'

Vibrant dark crimson blooms contrast beautifully with lush green semi-trailing foliage. A lax, spreading habit makes 'Crimson Emperor' ideal for planting as ground cover in borders or allowed to tumble over walls and fences. Equally at home in containers or baskets, this stunningMore Info


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Nasturtium 'Banana Split'

Showing superb garden performance in our trials, this eye-catching nasturtium produces masses of lovely golden-petalled flowers which sit on top of lush green foliage. The slightly ruffled blooms fade to lemon as the season progresses whilst the lax, bushy, slightly spreading habMore Info


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Sweetcorn 'Lark' F1 Hybrid (Tendersweet)

Sweetcorn Lark is a tendersweet variety giving superior sweetness with a softer, less chewy texture than supersweets, making kernels more pleasurable to eat as well as easier to digest. Improved germination adds to the appeal. Sweetcorn Lark can be also grown with other varietiesMore Info


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Tomato 'Sungold' F1 Hybrid

An outstanding cordon cherry tomato for glasshouse or outdoor culture. Tomato ‘Sungold’ has an exceptionally high sugar content, that easily rivals ‘Gardeners Delight’, making its attractive, golden-orange fruit irresistibly sweet and juicy. The high yieldMore Info


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Sweetest 'Tomato Duo'

This collection contains 1 packet each of Tomato 'Sungold' F1 Hybrid and Tomato 'Sweet Ap�ritif' F1 Hybrid. Tomato 'Sungold' F1 Hybrid - Cascading trusses of bite-sized, thin-skinned fruit which have an exceptionally high sugar content, make its attractive, golden-orange fruit, iMore Info


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Onion 'Kappa'

The cylindrical shape of these brown-skinned onions means that they can be grown at closer spacings than traditional bulb onions. Flesh is firm, white and crisp, lending itself to uniform slicing that's ideal for tasty burger toppings, salads and perfect onion rings. Good storageMore Info


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Plum 'Opal'

Plum 'Opal' is one of the most reliable garden varieties, and is suitable for growing throughout the country. Slightly earlier to crop than 'Victoria', this dessert plum produces a heavy crop of excellent quality, small, yellow skinned fruits with an attractive red flush in JulyMore Info


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