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How to grow mushrooms | Thompson & Morgan

grow your own mushrooms? Mushroom growing may seem complicated but our mushroom dowels, mushroom spawn and complete mushroom growing kits all provide full instructions and everything you will need to grow your own mushrooms - no specialist equipment is required. Follow our guide to learn how to grow

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 30th September 2011

Horticultural questions and answers 30th september - Topics include: Treating Peach Leaf Curl, Leaf Miner on brassicas, Overwintering tender plants, Growing mushrooms, Reusing soil from flower pouches.

Facebook questions Oct 29th

horticultural questions and answers 29th Oct - topics include: Overwintering sweet peas plugs, pruning olive trees, why peaches drop their fruit, growing vegetables in winter, growing mushrooms, yellowing bay leaves.

News Archive September 2011  Thompson & Morgan

News Archive September 2011: Tomato Sungold 20th anniversary, grow your own mushrooms, winter vegetables, garden pests and diseases, tomato blight¦


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