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Garden Grow Hanging Basket & Liner

25 Reviews

This hanging basket planter is perfect for any trailing plant to add a touch of variety to your garden. Made with a durable metal frame and filled with a high-quality coco husk liner.  More Info

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by the end of october 2020

BloomAround Hanging Basket

48 Reviews

Now even easier to plant up, and with its removable planting 'gates' nearer the top rim, this innovative and durable hanging basket creates a much fuller and more rounded floral display than previous models. A bigger built-in water reservoir stops   More Info

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within 7 days

Easy Fill 14 inch Hanging Basket

6 Reviews

You're sure to have the most spectacular hanging basket displays in your neighbourhood with this new system! Easy to plant up and with a built-in water reservoir to stop baskets drying out, there's no excuse not to have non-stop cascading colour in…  More Info


within 7 days


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