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'How To Grow Magnolia'

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 9th December 2011

…Moved a magnolia from allotment into very large and deep plastic pot! Do I need to feed? Or cover with fleece? What do I do to protect and save it? Thanks for Any help Alan Answer: Hello Alan. You have chosen the right time of the year to move your Magnolia, although be prepared to miss out…

What to do in the garden in July

…long stems to vertical wires or a wigwam of poles. * • If you're growing aubergines pinch out the growing tip once they have 5 or 6 fruits. Pick fruits while they are young. You can expect to start harvesting in mid to late summer. * • Nip off the growing tips of squash and courgette to

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 24th January 2014

…you to work out what you are growing. Remember though, that even if they are a hardy variety they will still need acclimatising to outdoor conditions prior to planting if you have been growing them indoors. Name: Sue Russell Question: I need to move a magnolia tree - not too big - 7 yrs old. How

Thompson and Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 12th July 2013

…3ft high magnolia grandiflora growing in a large pot, that I bought this spring. It gets watered daily in this heat but all its leaves are turning yellow and half have now fallen off. What is wrong with it? Answer: Hi Clare, it looks like your Magnolia is naturally shedding its leaves to make way…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 20th April 2012

…horticultural questions answered. Click here to view details of our previous Q&A sessions. Name: Marian Donovan Question: How on earth do you get the Streptocarpus seed to grow? I've had 2 packets of your seed and nothing happened. Did the instructions to the letter and nothing. Help. Answer: As…

Trees for Small Gardens | Plants for a Purpose

…reach a height of 6m or more. For the smallest trees choose those with a weeping habit or try growing fruit trees, which are often grafted on to rootstocks which restrict their height. You could even grow your trees in large containers! Small trees for spring interest Small trees for spring interest…

Facebook questions December 12th

…after the bulb has flowered? And if so how do I remove them and treat them next year? Thanks Answer: Hi Carol, it's best to remove these little plants now before planting the Hyacinths. Be warned it will take several years before the little bulbs grow big enough to produce flowers! The bulbs should…

Plants for different soil types | Plants for a Purpose

…the fertility of any soil type. To find out more about improving your garden soil take a look at our 'how to improve your garden soil' article. Acid and alkaline soils Some plants are particularly sensitive to the acidity or alkalinity of the soil and will grow poorly if given the wrong conditions.…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Session 22nd July 2011

…ready to pick? Answer: Hi Kate, it’s great to hear you’ve got a good crop from these unusual tropical plants. The fruits become a creamy-yellow colour when ripe and should develop the characteristic purple striping. The fruits are quite slow to develop and can take a month or two to grow

Thomnpson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer session 7th March 2014

…slow growing which makes it easier to control but you would need to consider whether the spiky foliage will become a hazard to people passing by. Other non native trees to consider are Amelanchier à grandiflora 'Ballerina', Prunus 'Shogetsu', Acer griseum or even one of the smaller Magnolias. I…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 22nd August 2014

…pruning to remove damaged, badly placed or diseased wood, and to shorten strong growing laterals by half. If you are planning to order some more fruit for delivery this autumn then I would recommend that you place your order early to avoid disappointment. * Liz Grogan * Hi I would like to improve…