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'How To Prune Blackcurrants'

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 16th November 2012

…Click here to view details of our previous Q&A sessions. Name: Shaun Osborne Question: Hi there could you advise me on the how to cut back my red and black currant bushes? Answer: Hi Shaun. Blackcurrants and Redcurrants need slightly different treatment but they can both be pruned from autumn to

What to do in the garden in July

…trees now. Pruning these species in the summer reduces the risk of these trees getting silver leaf disease. * • If you've trained your apples and pears as cordons, fans or espaliers, give them their summer prune now to maintain a good shape. * • Prune the fruited stems of your blackcurrant

What to do in the garden in February

to plant raspberry canes for the coming summer. * • Prune apple trees and pear trees whilst they're still dormant. Leave plum trees, cherry trees and apricots until the summer as pruning these fruit trees now will make them susceptible to Silver Leaf disease. * • Prune blackcurrant bushes,…

What to do in the garden in January

…Beauty'. To find out how to prune Clematis take a look at our Clematis pruning guide. * • For a more unusual bare-root plant to add to your borders now, try growing Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily). * • Cut back the old foliage from ornamental grasses before growth begins - clip them to within…

What to do in the garden in August

…a couple of hours and then bag them up to use over winter. * • Tidy up strawberry plants and remove any old straw from around the plants to improve ventilation and reduce the risk of pests and diseases. * • Prune the fruited stems of your blackcurrant bushes after harvesting. * • Cut…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session February 10th 2012

…And if so, how far? Also, I have a small blackcurrant, should I prune that? Thanks Answer: Hi Kay. It's a good idea to leave the old foliage of your penstemon intact until spring to protect plants during winter. Wait until the weather warms up in April or May and you will be able to see where the…

Thompson & Morgan facebook question and answer session March 4th

…rotted manure or compost (take care not to mound it up around the stem). Wait until late spring before you begin to prune out any dead wood and keep it well watered this summer while it’s new root system is developing. It will take a year or two to fully settle into its new home. Name: Mary…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 24th June 2011

…know how you get on. Name: Helena Fasching Question: When can you prune a Catalpa? Answer: Hi Helen, it’s best to prune your Catalpa when it is dormant between the autumn and late winter. They respond well to hard pruning so don’t be afraid take out larger branches if needed. Remember to