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Hypericum x moserianum 'Tricolor'

Hypericum x moserianum 'Tricolor' is a particularly low-growing variety of St. John's Wort, making for excellent, colourful ground cover. The hardy shrub's semi-evergreen foliage is easy to grow and requires little maintenance, even in poor conditions, but is most notable for itsMore Info

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Hypericum x dummeri 'Peter Dummer'

St. John's Wort is a well known, natural antidepressant, but this variety is sure to cheer you up without even passing your lips. The bushy, semi-evergreen foliage of Hypericum x dummeri 'Peter Dummer' produces cheerful, golden blooms in July, August and September, which will briMore Info

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Hypericum kalmianum 'Sunny Boulevard'

Hypericum kalmianum 'Sunny Boulevard' must have been named in midsummer, for that is when the plant's sunny, golden blooms illuminate the garden. The yellow flowers adorn the plant's semi-evergreen foliage in July and August, adding ample colour to the middle of any border. The hMore Info

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Hypericum kalmianum 'Blue Velvet'

In spite of its name, Hypericum kalmianum 'Blue Velvet' will never leave you feeling blue. The title matches the hardy shrub's blue tinted, semi-evergreen foliage, which forms a bushy mound and requires little maintenance. However, your mood is more likely to reflect the cheerfulMore Info

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Hypericum 'Gemo'

St. John's Wort is perhaps best known for its medicinal properties; in tablet form, it allieviates depression and increases resilience. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Hypericum 'Gemo' is an exceptionally durable variety that can tolerate both shade and drought. EvMore Info

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Feeling Festive Flower Basket - Gift

Life's luxuries can be amazingly affordable so why not treat your loved ones to a basket of fresh flowers to display on their Christmas dinner table?More Info


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Hypericum perforatum

Hypericum perforatum is one of the less-cultivated Hypericums in UK gardens, and is rarely available in garden centres. With golden star-shaped flowers at the tips of upright stems throughout the summer, this hardy perennial makes an excellent addition to wild flower gardens. ComMore Info


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Hypericum calycinum

Hypericum calycinum is a low-growing, ground-covering shrub needing virtually no maintenance. Also known as the Rose of Sharon, and popular throughout the UK, it grows almost anywhere - from fertile, moist soil to poor, dry conditions and even deep shade! Its large, daffodil-yellMore Info

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