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'Iceberg Lettuce'

Lettuce 'Great Lakes' (Iceberg/Crisphead) - Heritage

Medium to large hearted, bright green leaved, crisp 'Iceberg' hearts which stand well without bolting during the hotter summer weather. Cut hearts store well in the refrigerator. Ideal for spring or summer sowingMore Info


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Lettuce 'Sweet Success' (Iceberg/Romaine)

A breeding breakthrough five years in the making! This unique Iceberg x Romaine cos, combines the sweetness and crunch of Iceberg with the dark leaf colour and nutritional qualities of Romaine. Excellent downy mildew resistance.More Info


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Lettuce 'Antartica' (Iceberg/Crisphead)

Extend your lettuce harvesting season with this outstanding 'iceberg type' variety. Resistance to tipburn, bolting and downy mildew means that Antartica stands well in good condition. The dense hearts, with plenty of crunchy flavour, are ideal for summer saladsMore Info


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Lettuce 'Elyburg' (Iceberg/Cos)

A breeding breakthrough which has taken five years to introduce to gardeners. Unique Iceberg x Little Gem cos, marketed as a 'gemberg', which combines the sweetness and crunch of Iceberg with the flavour, dark colour and nutritional values of a Gem cos. Compact plant habit, looksMore Info


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Lettuce 'Webbs Wonderful' (Iceberg/Crisphead)

Still the premier garden lettuce in most people's vegetable patch. Iceberg Lettuce Webbs Wonderful has large, wrinkled leaves with a big tight centre of crisp, white leaf. An outstanding Iceberg Lettuce whether the summer is wet or dry, Webbs Wonderful is always slow to run to seMore Info


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Lettuce 'Warpath'

This baby lettuce is one of the most heat tolerant varieties you'll grow, with little risk of bolting. A unique cross combines the best of both iceberg and cos varieties - dense crunchy hearts are wrapped in attractive looser leaves. Mature heads are ready in around 75 days. AlteMore Info


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Cabbage 'Cabbice' F1 Hybrid

An intensely sweet cabbage variety producing thick crisp leaves, just perfect for use in salads and coleslaws. This cabbage will perform in almost any free-draining soils.More Info


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