'June Flowering'

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Facebook Questions 14th June 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 14th June 2013 - topics include: Mandevilla not flowering, aphids on apple trees, Oleander toxicity, sweet rocket changing colour, ground cover lilies height, controlling lily beetle, yellowing leaves on sweet peas, how to grow lavender from seed, how to prune…

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog June 2012 - Best of the best | Thompson & Morgan

This week, Michael Perry talks about his visit to Dutch bulb fields and his quest to bring you the best and most unusual varieties of flower bulbs.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 10th June 2011

Horticultural questions and answers 10th June - Topics include: Climbers for a north facing position, Winter protection for palms, Problems with Bean Seed Fly, Fading Sunpatiens flowers, Pruning winter damaged Camellia shoots.

What to do in the garden in June | Thompson & Morgan

Pinch out the tips of bedding plants to encourage bushy growth & more flowers. Start side-shooting tomato plants. Ventilate greenhouses. More tips for JuneĀ¦


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