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'Lettuce Salad Bowl'

Lettuce 'Lollo Rossa' (Loose-Leaf)

An excellently flavoured Italian lettuce of the type used in salads and also in many other dishes as a tasty garnish. Lettuce Continental Looseleaf Lollo Rossa is compact, non hearting with a rosette of finely frilled leaves with deep red edge. Lollo Rossa is very easy to grow anMore Info


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Lettuce 'Salad Bowl' (Loose-Leaf)

All-American Gold Medal winner. Salad Bowl Lettuce is large, medium-green, slow bolting, non-heading and decidedly tender. Don't pull the whole plants - be selective - go down the row choosing only the largest, tenderest leaves. This way Salad Bowl Lettuce will continue to replacMore Info


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Lettuce 'Red Salad Bowl' (Loose-Leaf) - Vita Sementi® Italian Seeds

Lattuga Red Salad Bowl forms a voluminous head of reddish-bronzed leaves. Non-hearting, just pick young leaves as required or cut the full head, wash and keep in the refrigerator. Lettuce is very suitable for inter-cropping between taller, long-standing vegetables, such as beans,More Info


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Lettuce 'Sweet Success' (Iceberg/Romaine)

A breeding breakthrough five years in the making! This unique Iceberg x Romaine cos, combines the sweetness and crunch of Iceberg with the dark leaf colour and nutritional qualities of Romaine. Excellent downy mildew resistance.More Info


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Lettuce 'Yugoslavian Red' (Butterhead)

An attractive, large, semi hearting, reddish tinged 'butterhead'. When cut in half, Lettuce Yugoslavian Red exposes a solid bright greeny yellow centre with a mild flavour. Lettuce Yugoslavian Red makes an eye-catching addition to the kitchen garden, flower border and salad bowl.More Info


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Cooks Professional Potato Peeler and Salad Spinner

The automatic Cooks Professional potato peeler and salad spinner brings an end to the laborious, painstaking chore of peeling potatoes and can also remove excess water from salads.More Info


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Cut & Come Again Growing Kit

You may have heard the expression cut and come again, but been unsure as to what it means or which varieties are suitable. This collection will give you a varied salad bowl - simply pick the leaves you require, your plants will soon produce new ones to replace them!More Info


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