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'Mildew Resistant Courgette'

How To Grow Courgettes

…when harvesting courgettes as some varieties have spiky hairs on their stems which can cause irritation while working with the plants. Use a sharp clean blade to cut the fruits from the plants. Common problems Powdery Mildew: A common problem that hits the majority of courgette plants before the…

Thompson and Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 12th July 2013

…onion downy mildew, which causes the leaves to turn yellow from the tip downwards. In moist conditions a white, and later purplish, mould develops on any dead tissue. If you do identify this as the problem then the general advice is to avoid planting the area with onions for 5 years. Mildew is most…

Cucumbers - An expert viewpoint

…succession. These have since been superseded with modern varieties such as 'Carmen', 'Bella', 'Flamingo' and 'Euphya' which all have increased resistance to mildew and other fungal diseases, plus better fruit quality even when raised in less than ideal growing conditions. Gardeners can now also grow…

What to do in the garden in July

…fruits. Pick fruits while they are young. You can expect to start harvesting in mid to late summer. * • Nip off the growing tips of squash and courgette to encourage branching. * • Pinch out tomato side shoots each week. Cut off any leaves growing below the lowest ripening fruit trusses to…