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'Mimulus Seeds'

Hanging Baskets from Seed

…production. Replace once a month with a high Nitrogen feed to prevent the foliage going yellow. Finally dead head the plants regularly, particularly Mimulus Geraniums, Nasturtiums, and similar, to ensure a succession of flowers. Baskets for Vegetables and Herbs These need a little more attention but…

Handling Small Seeds

Handling Small Seeds The tiny dust-like seed of plants like begonias and calceolarias can be especially difficult to deal with. Alan Toogood describes how to go about germinating seed you can hardly see. Many plants, both hardy and tender have extremely fine dust-like seeds. They are produced in…

Plants for Shade | Plants for a Purpose

…flowers which will stand out and gleam in the border. Dark flowers will disappear in the gloom. * If you would like a lawn, make sure you choose a seed mix or turf which is suitable for shady areas. * Use texture to make the border more eye-catching. Incorporate different leaf shapes such as ferns,…

Seed Abbreviations

Seed Sowing Guides Abbreviations All seeds are divided into categories and these are shown in the catalogs and elsewhere by initials, such as HA, HP and so on. This is a shorthand way of describing a plant's growing characteristics. Here's a guide to what the initials mean: HA - Hardy Annual These…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 19th April 2013

…nocturnum), now is a good time of year to start them so they can grow on throughout the summer. Simply fill your pot or seed tray with good quality, moist seed compost and sow the seeds thinly on the surface, covering with a light sprinkling of compost or vermiculite (they need light to germinate).…

Hardy Annuals: Part 2

…of the old favourites and some of the more unusual hardy annuals which may be unrecognised but which are well worth growing. Weeding By sowing the seed in rows it becomes easy to distinguish the weed seedlings from the cherished seedlings of your annuals. If the rows are far enough apart a hoe will…