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'Nematodes For Slugs'

Thompson & Morgan | Facebook Question and Answer Session

…the slugs off the leaves and stems at dusk when they are at their most active. Although this can seem laborious it is very effective. There are also nematodes for slugs which you water into the soil. Alternatively try placing empty grapefruit skins or melon skins upside down on the soil. Slugs love…

What to do in the garden in June

…see. Also check for the sticky brown larvae on the underside of leaves. * • Check for vine weevils by tipping your plants out of their pots and looking for 'C' shaped creamy maggots amongst the roots. Treat with nematodes if vine weevils are spotted. * • Prevent slugs attacking your young…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question & Answer Session 11th November 2011

…autumn. You can remove them by hand or for heavy infestations you can spray with a chemical spray which will be available at all good garden centres (the label should guide you as to which pests it is effective against). You could also use parasitic nematodes if you prefer to garden organically.…

Top 10 tips to prepare your garden for spring

slugs, snails and aphid colonies sheltering for the winter. If you still haven't cleared last year's pots of summer bedding then do this now and be on the look-out for the white vine weevil larvae, which live in the compost and feed on plant roots. Destroy any you find and be prepared to treat for

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 13th May 2011

…such as gravel to deter them. If you are not keen on creeping about by torch light then put down some slug pellets. For an organic approach try using nematodes. Name: Kevin Joseph Question: Question for sue, you probably can remember me about my camelia well i pruned it about 2 weeks ago and has new…

How to grow potatoes in bags

…soil surface. Remedy: There are a multitude of ways to kill slugs and snails including homemade remedies such as beer traps. The most common method is to use slug pellets or for the more organically minded gardener you can try nematodes or copper tape. Potato Scab Symptoms: Common Scab leaves corky…

What to do in the garden in March

…Hydrangeas before new growth appears. Cut to about one third of last season's growth. * • Keep an eye out for slugs as the weather warms; they favour soft new growth. Use nematodes for an effective organic control. In the vegetable garden Colin Randel (Vegetable Product Manager) says... Sow…