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Strawberry 'Mara des Bois'

12 Reviews

France's number one variety now available to Thompson & Morgan customers! This unique variety combines modern vigour and the cropping potential of commercial varieties with the intense aromatic flavours of woodland and alpine varieties. This perpetual fruiting…  More Info

  • Sun shade: Full sun
  • Grows in: Borders
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Longevity: Perennial

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by the end of january 2021

Rhubarb 'Glaskin's Perpetual'

1 Review

Started in heat in late winter Rhubarb 'Glaskins Perpetual' can be harvested lightly the following year. The large, juicy stems are excellent for tarts, pies, jam, and wine. As its name suggests, this reliable rhubarb can be harvested late in the season due to…  More Info

  • Sun shade: Sun or semi shade
  • Grows in: Borders
  • Flower Colour: Cream
  • Longevity: Perennial


within 14 days

Juicy Fruit Growing Kit

0 Reviews

Sow, nurture and grow your own delicious fruits with this juicy fruit growing kit. The kit features five unique packets of seeds allowing you to grow delicious Rhubarb Glaskin?s Perpetual, Strawberry Mignonette, Melon Ogen, Tomato Moneymaker and Pineapple Berries…  More Info


within 14 days


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