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'Repotting Gooseberries'

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 24th February 2012

…problem - just enjoy them earlier than expected! Name: Iris Brookfield Question: Started with new gooseberry bushes. A green leaf grew and then something ate them. Sprayed them, but still no gooseberries so I dug them up and planted new ones in a different spot but the same thing happened. What am I…

Powdery Mildew Treatment | Controlling Powdery Mildew | Pests & Diseases | Gardening Information

…manufacturer's instructions for the recommended safety measures. If you are thinking of replacing your gooseberries then try to go for a mildew resistant variety such as Gooseberry 'Invicta' or Gooseberry 'Xenia'. What do I do when my clematis has white powdery mildew on the leaves and stems?…

Thompson & Morgan facebook question and answer session March 4th

…pots. The tubers should be planted in specialist orchid compost at approximately 2.5cm (1") deep, so you may need to carefully exhume yours and repot them slightly deeper than they are at present. Until you see the shoots above ground you should keep the compost just moist. Once the shoots appear…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 9th March 2012

…Please could you help? How far apart do you grow gooseberry bushes?.Thanks. Answer: Hello Simon. You can plant your gooseberries at a distance of about 1.5m (5') apart. If you take a look at the 'How to grow' and 'Aftercare' tabs on our gooseberry product pages this should give you most of the…