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Sempervivum 'Mixed'

8 Reviews

Forming a dense and low-growing tapestry of many-colours, the starry rosettes of Sempervivum are fascinatingly attractive. They come in colours ranging from shades of green to dark reds and bronze. In summer, they may produce curious thick stems tipped with…  More Info

  • Sun shade: Full sun
  • Grows in: Raised Bed
  • Flower Colour: Mixed
  • Longevity: Perennial

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Stunning Succulents Growing Kit

0 Reviews

Here?s everything you need to start growing your Stunning Succulents.  More Info


Nurserymans Choice House Plant Mix (House Plant)

0 Reviews

When you order our Nurseryman?s Choice House Plant Mix, you?ll receive an intriguing selection of low maintenance plants that will certainly attract attention! This collection will be carefully picked from a range of Cacti, Sempervivum and Cryptanthus plants.…  More Info

  • Sun shade: sun or semi shade
  • Grows in: Containers

  • Longevity: Perennial

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Sempervivum arachnoideum 'Coral Red'

0 Reviews

This colourful House Leek produces blood red rosettes of fleshy foliage that form radiating clumps over time. Sempervivum arachnoideum 'Coral Red' is a strong growing variety with a vigorous root system that allows it to spread as colourful ground cover.  More Info

  • Sun shade: full sun
  • Grows in: Raised Bed

  • Longevity: Perennial

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