'Spring Flowering Plants'

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Top 10 spring flowering plants | Thompson & Morgan

Grow T&M's top 10 hardy spring flowering plants for beautiful displays between March and May

Hardy Annuals: Part 1 | Thompson & Morgan

A hardy annual is a plant that goes through its entire life cycle in one season and can be sown outside in the open garden in spring where it is to flower

Top 10 Spring Flowering Bulbs | Thompson & Morgan

Spring bulbs herald an end to dark winter days, bringing a welcome splash of colour to the garden when few other plants are in flower. Take a look at our pick of the best spring bulbs.

Top 10 Winter Bedding Plants | Thompson & Morgan

plants are biennial or perennial plants which are planted in the autumn, some flowering throughout the winter during milder spells, before putting on a burst of vigorous growth in the spring. We've listed our 10 best winter bedding plants for a welcome splash of colour in your winter and spring

How to Grow Plants in Raised Beds | Thompson & Morgan

…heavy clay soil and will take the bending out of gardening! They drain well and will warm up much faster in the spring, giving you earlier crops. Raised garden beds can be used to grow both flowers and vegetables, and with our easy-to-use raised bed kits you can create a growing area in minutes.

How to grow amaryllis bulbs | Thompson & Morgan

Amaryllis bulbs are popular for their large flamboyant blooms. Naturally flowering in the winter and spring, amaryllis bulbs are often given as Christmas gifts. Growing amaryllis is so rewarding - they're easy to plant and with a little care can easily be encouraged to bloom again! Read on to learn…


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