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Juicy Fruit Growing Kit

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Sow, nurture and grow your own delicious fruits with this juicy fruit growing kit. The kit features five unique packets of seeds allowing you to grow delicious Rhubarb Glaskin?s Perpetual, Strawberry Mignonette, Melon Ogen, Tomato Moneymaker and Pineapple   More Info


Exotic Fruit Growing Kit

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Get a taste of exotic fruits with this new collection - 5 of the more unusual varieties to grow at home or at your allotment plus everything you need to get started.  More Info


Vitax Vitafeed 102 Flower & Fruit Feed

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Vitafeed Flower and Fruit Soluble Feed is a high potash fertiliser that will not only help your plants to grow strong and healthy, it will also encourage them to flower beautifully too!  More Info


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