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Michael Perry's Gardening Blog July 2012 - Unusual Things to Eat | Thompson & Morgan

In this week's gardening blog Michael Perry talks about unusual fruit and vegetables and edible flowers. Read more...

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog May 2012 - Surprising Plants | Thompson & Morgan

In the latest edition of his gardening blog, Michael Perry talks about his love of unusual plants.

Developing New Plant Varieties | Thompson & Morgan

In our flower breeding programme, we specialise in unusual annual and perennials. Charles Valin, our Plant Breeder explains how we develop new varieties.

Hardy Annuals: Part 2 | Thompson & Morgan

Graham Rice discusses cultural matters and recommends familiar and unusual varieties of hardy annuals and looks at summer and autumn sowing.

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog April 2012 - Exploring Fragrance | Thompson & Morgan

In his blog this week Michael Perry talks about fragrant flowers, including some old favourites and some slightly more unusual plants.

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog June 2012 - Best of the best | Thompson & Morgan

This week, Michael Perry talks about his visit to Dutch bulb fields and his quest to bring you the best and most unusual varieties of flower bulbs.

How to Grow Oca (New Zealand Yams) | Thompson & Morgan

Known as the New Zealand Yam, Oca is an unusual member of the Oxalis family that has long been grown in the Andes for its nutritionally rich tubers with a tangy lemon flavour that becomes nuttier once cooked.

Salad Leaves - a lot to be desired | Thompson & Morgan

In his final article on salad vegetables Harry Smith looks at some of the unusual alternatives to lettuce. For most of us, lettuce still forms the major part of the salads we eat, yet there are many highly palatable alternatives with which to ring the changes. They can not only add the spice of…


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