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'When To Plant Lupin Seeds'

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Seed Abbreviations

…border plants, delphiniums and lupins, are in this group and they go on flowering year after year. Sowing can be done as for hardy biennials, but many gardeners prefer to sow the seed in trays indoors in March or April. The young plants are set out in their flowering positions when large enough to

What to sow and grow in November

…up on seed sowing essentials. Plant outdoors * • Continue to plant spring flowering bulbs. To speed up planting, invest in a Bulb Planter - particularly if you are planning to naturalise bulbs into a grassed area of the garden. * • Continue to plant daffodil bulbs. * • When planting

What to sow and grow in July

to sow and grow in July Find out what to plant in July with our seasonal list of flowers, fruit, vegetables and seeds. These can be ordered now for sowing, growing and harvesting over the coming months! Flowers to sow and grow In the greenhouse / indoors * • Now is an ideal time to sow the seed

Thompson & Morgan | Facebook Question and Answer Session 9th August 2013

…Gardening Corners Question: Hi Sue, I have Lupin 'Band of Noble Mix' and want to get first years flower because it will not tolerate Indian summers. When do I sow seeds in order to get flowers in April? (It's late spring in India) Thanks. Answer: Hello, Lupin 'Band of Nobles Mixed' normally flower…

What to do in the garden in July

…sweet peas regularly to keep them blooming. Water daily in dry weather. * • Capture seed heads from dandelions and other weeds. Collect them before they get a chance to release their seeds and spread throughout your garden. * • Keep an eye out for pests on plants, early treatment is best.…

Plants for Wildlife | Plants for a Purpose

seeds or nuts at the end of the season. Plants can also be used to provide shelter or nesting sites for birds, protecting them from cats and other predators. For more simple ideas on how you can attract wildlife to your garden take a look at our article about wildlife gardening. Top tips when

Thompson & Morgan | Facebook Question and Answer Session 4th May 2012

seeds in my seed tray, they have started sprouting. I wasn't expecting so many to sprout... some are very close together, I'm worried about when they get a little bigger will they die because they are so close together? When should I transplant to a pot or another tray so they are not next to each…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 15th June 2012

…questions answered. Click here to view details of our previous Q&A sessions. Name: Be Jal Question: Can lupin plants be divided? if so when is the best time to do so? Answer: Hi Be Jal. Lupins have a deep tap root which means that they are rather difficult to divide - but it is sometimes…

Sowing in Open Ground

…what the row contains. With some seed, such as parsnips, where the plants will be thinned out to a reasonable distance apart, say 9in (23cm), it can be station sown. This entails sowing three seeds every nine inches leaving a gap between each group. When the seed germinates two are removed leaving…

Facebook question

…growing seeds take a look at our seed sowing guides. Name: Lorraine Question: Hi, I've got a question I was hoping Sue might be able to answer - we bought 3 jumbo Echinacea plugs from T&M in the autumn. I planted them well before winter hit but haven't seen any sign of them yet. When should I…

Sowing Biennials and Perennials

…garden or seed bed where they can grow undisturbed until ready for transplanting. Seed sown in spring will result in plants that are sturdy enough to be moved to their flowering positions in autumn, normally when the summer bedding plants have given of their colourful best. Sow the seed in drills…