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'Winter Flowering Cyclamen'

Top 10 Winter Bedding Plants

flowering right through the spring, representing excellent value for money. 10. Cyclamen coum A true winter-flowering plant, Cyclamen coum will fill your garden with colour even on the dullest January and February days. A more subtle winter-flowering bedding plant, Cyclamen's dainty nodding flowers

What to sow and grow in December

…coming months! Flowers to sow and grow In the greenhouse / indoors * • Sow Antirrhinums (Snapdragons) and Laurentia in a cool greenhouse now for early flowering in the summer. * • Try sowing Begonias and Geraniums for a head start to the season. * • Cyclamen prefer cooler temperatures…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 24th January 2014

…planted deeper than the indoor ones. The cyclamen that you see growing outdoors are generally Cyclamen coum or C. hederifolium, while the indoor ones are the florists varieties of Cyclamen persicum. Take a look at these hardy Cyclamen. They produce small flowers in shades of pink and white and are…

Top 10 Autumn and Winter Flowering Bulbs

…bulbs. Cyclamen hederifolium is the usual choice for autumn flowers. It's silvery, marbled leaves follow the sugar pink and white blooms, remaining unscathed through winter weather, before dying back for a dormant summer. 6. Gladiolus murielae Undoubtedly the most elegant autumn flowering bulb…

What to sow and grow in November

…perennial flowers from seed this month in the greenhouse. Varieties such as laurentia, delphinium, verbascum, foxglove, cyclamen and lupin can still be sown this month in a cool greenhouse. * • Stock up on seed sowing essentials. Plant outdoors * • Continue to plant spring flowering bulbs.…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 26th November 2010

Cyclamen but for the 2nd year running they have been seriously infected with what I suspect to be scale insect.... they leave a sticky residue. Unable to clear the problem last year I ended up throwing them out and starting afresh with new plants this year. Once again they were great and flowered

Plants for ground cover | Plants for a purpose

…Perennial Symphytum 'Goldsmith' (Comfrey) Perennial Tiarella cordifolia (Foam Flower) Perennial Tolmiea menziesii (Piggy Back Plant) Perennial Tradescantia Perennial Vancouveria hexandra (Inside-out Flower) Perennial Winter Aconite Perennial Other 'Plants for a Purpose' articles: * Back to 'Plants…

Effect of Light on Germination and Seedlings

…of flower and vegetable seedlings respond to supplementary light. For example, tomatoes and cucumbers where vigour and earliness have been improved, also Antirrhinum, Stocks, Gerbera, Gloxinia and Gesnaria have all responded with a higher growth rate when given extra light in the winter months.…

Plants for Shade | Plants for a Purpose

…border. Dark flowers will disappear in the gloom. * If you would like a lawn, make sure you choose a seed mix or turf which is suitable for shady areas. * Use texture to make the border more eye-catching. Incorporate different leaf shapes such as ferns, Hostas and grasses with your flowering plants.…

What to do in the garden in December

…* • Plant up winter containers with hardy cyclamen, ivy, skimmia and evergreen grasses such as Carex to add colour to your garden. Place them in prominent places beside entrances and well used paths to enjoy their winter display. * • Plant some shrubs for winter interest. Sarcococca…