'Winter Hanging Baskets'

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Hanging Baskets | Thompson & Morgan

…utilise all the available space. With hanging baskets you can not only brighten up a sunny wall, but with the right choice of plants, use them to brighten up shady areas, for porches, conservatories and even provide fresh herbs through the winter with an indoor hanging basket next to a sunny window.

How to plant an easy fill hanging basket for winter | Thompson & Morgan

Learn how to plant up an easy fill hanging basket for Winter with Thompson & Morgan's Michael Perry.

Winter Hanging Basket Master Class

Create beautiful winter hanging basket displays for your garden in 10 easy steps. Let our expert, Michael Perry guide you with his helpful winter hanging basket video.

Thompson & Morgan Question and Answer Session 15th October 2010

horticultural questions and anwers 15th October - topics include: Planting hanging baskets, bedding plants for a south facing garden, storing begonias over winter, why onions bolt, how to kill invasive bamboo, growing globe artichokes in containers.


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