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Plants for Shade | Plants for a Purpose | Thompson & Morgan

Most gardeners have at least one difficult spot in their garden. One of the most challenging is the shade cast by buildings and trees. A shady spot can be difficult for plants as it creates a cool environment and is often coupled with dry soil or very damp soil. However there are many plants that…

How We Grow and Send Your Plants | Thompson & Morgan

Find out how Thompson & Morgan grow and send your plants and seeds. See pictures of our different size plug plants to help you make your decision.

Perennial Plants for Pots | Thompson & Morgan

Container gardening offers a world of opportunity in tiny town gardens, concreted areas, and even on balconies. Coming back year after year, perennial plants in pots are an easy solution to brightening up your patio or balcony areas! We've put together some simple patio container ideas to help you…

Delivery | Thompson & Morgan

Delivery charges are automatically applied in the shopping basket and vary according to the products ordered from £1.95 upwards. Surcharges apply for certain destinations and to larger items such as furniture, buildings or machinery.

Clubs and Societies Discount Scheme | Existing Customers | Thompson & Morgan

Great discounts offered to members of horticultural and gardening clubs, societies and associations! Download bulk order forms here and start saving now.

Special Offers on Plants, Seeds, Fruit & Veg  | Thompson & Morgan

A huge selection of special offers on plants, seeds, fruit, vegetables & garden products saving you money. Check out our special offers & buy online today!

How to Grow Oca (New Zealand Yams) | Thompson & Morgan

Known as the New Zealand Yam, Oca is an unusual member of the Oxalis family that has long been grown in the Andes for its nutritionally rich tubers with a tangy lemon flavour that becomes nuttier once cooked.

Trees for Small Gardens

When choosing trees for small gardens it is worth considering just how much space you have and which seasons of interest best suit your planting scheme. Trees can bring all sorts of interest to your garden whether through flowers, foliage, fruit or bark; and can create colour and interest all year…

Help Centre | Thompson & Morgan

Need help placing an order or want to check your delivery status? Our knowledgeable customer service team is here to assist at every stage of the process.

Thompson & Morgan Question and Answer Session 15th October 2010

horticultural questions and anwers 15th October - topics include: Planting hanging baskets, bedding plants for a south facing garden, storing begonias over winter, why onions bolt, how to kill invasive bamboo, growing globe artichokes in containers.

Hassle Free Gardening | Thompson & Morgan

Buy garden-ready plants, pre-planted hanging baskets and plug plants from T&M. Just plant, water, and enjoy! Bred and selected for best garden performance.

Instant Impact Range of Outdoor Potted Plants | Thompson & Morgan

Looking for instant impact? Here are our suggestions the best shrubs, trees, perennials and evergreen plants to get your garden off to a flying start.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 22nd February 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 22nd February 2013 - topics include: Growing Hibiscus, pruning a hardy fuchsia, repotting clematis, pruning clematis, daffodil blindness, outdoor tomato varieties, growing Bougainvillea in the UK, lily bulbs sprouting early.

Raspberries | Pruning | Gardening Information | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides advice on how to prune raspberries and when you should prune your autumn fruiting raspberries. You need to treat the summer ones slightly differently to the autumn ones. Prune all of your autumn fruiting raspberry canes to ground level...

Top 10 easy to grow fruit trees and plants for beginners

You don't need an orchard to grow your own fruit at home. From strawberries to apple trees there's something to suit every sized garden.  Where space is limited try growing fruit trees and plants in containers - you even grow strawberries in hanging baskets! Take a look at our top 10 list of easy…

Terms of Business | Thompson & Morgan

For information about payment options, delivery charges, stock availability and our money back guarantee, you've come to the right place.

Buddleja 'Buzz'™ - Award-winning Plants | Thompson & Morgan

Buddleja 'Buzz'™ is the first Buddleja bred to be a dwarf variety. This dwarf buddleja is perfect for growing in patio pots and containers.

How to grow bulbs, corms and tubers

Planting bulbs, corms and tubers is an easy way to ensure colourful displays in your garden, particularly in spring before the rest of the garden has woken from its winter dormancy. Bulbs can be planted in containers or borders, and look particularly effective when naturalised in grass. There are…

Top 10 Evergreen Shrubs | Thompson & Morgan

Evergreen shrubs provide permanent structure in the garden and all-year-round interest. They come in a whole range of foliage colours and many have showy or fragrant flowers too. Read on and discover the best evergreen shrubs for your garden.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 11th January 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 11th January 2013 - topics include: New garden ideas, what to do with wet soil, plants for hot dry gardens, pruning apricot, almond and pomegranate trees, forcing hyacinth bulbs for May, potting up miniature roses, how many lilies to plant per container.

Facebook questions Oct 29th

horticultural questions and answers 29th Oct - topics include: Overwintering sweet peas plugs, pruning olive trees, why peaches drop their fruit, growing vegetables in winter, growing mushrooms, yellowing bay leaves.

Climbing Plants for Walls and Fences | Plants for a Purpose | Thompson & Morgan

Climbing plants are great for covering fences, walls, trellis, arches or obelisks! We've put together a list of climbing plants for shade and sun.

Top ten hanging basket plants | Thompson & Morgan

Thompson & Morgan's list of the top ten plants for your hanging baskets

Help with Voucher Codes | Thompson & Morgan

This page is a help guide providing information on where to find your voucher code on your promotional or gift vouchers and what to do or check if your promotional or gift voucher code has not been recognised.

What to sow and grow in May | Thompson & Morgan

What to sow in May: biennials, foxglove, sweet william, perennials, primula, aquilegia, godetia, sunflower, nasturtium, runner and French beans, melon, herbs¦

Facebook Questions 14th June 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 14th June 2013 - topics include: Mandevilla not flowering, aphids on apple trees, Oleander toxicity, sweet rocket changing colour, ground cover lilies height, controlling lily beetle, yellowing leaves on sweet peas, how to grow lavender from seed, how to prune…

Hanging Baskets from Seed | Thompson & Morgan

Hanging baskets add a whole new dimension to gardening. Find out how to plant hanging baskets in our gardening guide.

Become a fan of Thompson & Morgan on Facebook | Thompson & Morgan

Information about the Thompson and Morgan Facebook Page. Including fortnightly horticultural question and answer sessions, exclusive special offers, free giveaways, exclusive access to new and exclusive products and share tips and advice with other gardeners.

Thompson & Morgan facebook question and answer session March 4th

horticultural questions and answers 4th March - topics include: Planting hardy orchids, Wildlife shrubs for a north facing position, Growing Phalenopsis orchids, Moving shrubs and climbers, Grafting tomato plants, Fungal diseases on pansies.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 15th April 2011

Horticultural questions and answers 15th April - Topics include: Growing Ginger Lilies, Moving Primroses, Planting up flower pouches, Pruning Buddlejas, Controlling Peach leaf curl.

Apple Trees | Pruning | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides advice on how to prune apple trees including grafted apple trees and dwarf apple trees.

Blanket Weed Treatment | Weed Control | Thompson & Morgan

Find out how to get rid of blanket weed that grows in ponds. Blanket weed can be a real problem when the water warms up during warm spring days.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 7th February 2014

Horticultural questions and answers 7th February 2014 - topics include: Moving Oriental Poppies, Growing plants from old seeds, Layering a climbing Hydrangea, Moving Asparagus crowns, Overwintering cactus.

Horse Radish | Weed Control | Gardening Information | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides advice on how to get rid of horse radish in your garden. We're afraid you'll need to be persistent with this! Dig up as much of the roots as you can (dig deeply rather than just pulling them up from the surface).

Slugs | How to Get Rid of Slugs | Pests & Diseases | Gardening Information | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides advice on preventative measures to get rid of slugs in your garden. Pop down to your greenhouse one night and see whether you can spot them. Pick them off the plants and kill them, use beer traps, or apply a sharp scratchy mulch such as gravel to deter them...

How to Plant up Strawberry Plants Video | Thompson & Morgan

Learn how to plant strawberries in a strawberry stack pot with this handy video guide.


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