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Delivery | Thompson & Morgan

Delivery charges are automatically applied in the shopping basket and vary according to the products ordered from £1.95 upwards. Surcharges apply for certain destinations and to larger items such as furniture, buildings or machinery.

How to Grow Oca (New Zealand Yams) | Thompson & Morgan

Known as the New Zealand Yam, Oca is an unusual member of the Oxalis family that has long been grown in the Andes for its nutritionally rich tubers with a tangy lemon flavour that becomes nuttier once cooked.

How We Grow and Send Your Plants | Thompson & Morgan

Find out how Thompson & Morgan grow and send your plants and seeds. See pictures of our different size plug plants to help you make your decision.

How to grow mushrooms | Thompson & Morgan

Why not try something a little bit different, and grow your own mushrooms? Mushroom growing may seem complicated but our mushroom dowels, mushroom spawn and complete mushroom growing kits all provide full instructions and everything you will need to grow your own mushrooms - no specialist equipment…

Thompson & Morgan | Facebook Question and Answer Session 4th May 2012

Horticultural questions and answers 4th May 2012 - topics include: Frosted hydrangeas, Growing leeks, Russell Hybrid Lupins, Organic tomato fertilisers, Controlling dicentra

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 22nd February 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 22nd February 2013 - topics include: Growing Hibiscus, pruning a hardy fuchsia, repotting clematis, pruning clematis, daffodil blindness, outdoor tomato varieties, growing Bougainvillea in the UK, lily bulbs sprouting early.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 7th February 2014

Horticultural questions and answers 7th February 2014 - topics include: Moving Oriental Poppies, Growing plants from old seeds, Layering a climbing Hydrangea, Moving Asparagus crowns, Overwintering cactus.

Raspberries | Pruning | Gardening Information | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides advice on how to prune raspberries and when you should prune your autumn fruiting raspberries. You need to treat the summer ones slightly differently to the autumn ones. Prune all of your autumn fruiting raspberry canes to ground level...

Honey Fungus | Pests & Diseases | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides advice on how to check whether you have honey fungus on your abutilon plants.

Request a Free Catalogue | Thompson & Morgan

Request your free copy of the latest flower and vegetable seed and plant catalogues from Thompson & Morgan

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 5th October 2012

Horticultural questions and answers 5th October 2012 - topics include: Leaf Miner on Avocado plants, Planting out in Cyprus, Edible Passion Fruits

How To Prune a Clematis | Thompson & Morgan

Clematis plants are often classified according to their pruning requirements. Read our 'how to' guide to find out the correct time for pruning clematis.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook horticultural question and answer session

The answers to questions posted on the Thompson & Morgan Facebook page - written by Sue Foster the horticultural advisor for Thompson & Morgan.  Topics include: Japanese Maple disease, soil pH testing, collecting and storing sunflower seeds, maintaining asparagus plants, which plants suit dry stone…

Help with using my Order Code | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides guidance on using your order code on the www.thompson-morgan.com website. Why can't I use my order code in conjunction with my promotional code...

What to do in the garden in February | Thompson & Morgan

Get ready for the spring seed sowing & planting season by making sure your tools & greenhouse are clean & tidy. Order plants & seeds & chit potatoes now.

Facebook Questions 14th June 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 14th June 2013 - topics include: Mandevilla not flowering, aphids on apple trees, Oleander toxicity, sweet rocket changing colour, ground cover lilies height, controlling lily beetle, yellowing leaves on sweet peas, how to grow lavender from seed, how to prune…

Special Offer Begonia Inferno & Gerbera 'Landscape'

Special Offer Begonia Inferno & Gerbera 'Landscape'

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 24th February 2012

Horticultural questions and answers 24th February - topics include: Controlling gooseberry sawfly, Growing brassicas, Propagating spring bulbs from seed, Stratifying sweet cicely seeds, Repotting  a camellia

What to do in the garden in January | Thompson & Morgan

Keep on top of pruning, tidying & planting jobs to get your garden ready for spring. Now is also a great time to plan your garden & order plants & seeds¦

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 25th January 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 25th January 2013 - topics include: bulbs for damp shady lawns, safe plants to plant near a fish pond, how to grow agapanthus from seed, growing agapanthus in Scotland, when to divide agapanthus.

Thompson & Morgan | Facebook Question and Answer Session 4th October 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 4th October 2013 - topics include: Over-wintering variegated Azara serrata cuttings, Azara microphylla not flowering, how deep to plant tulips, planting autumn shallot sets, mutated sweet corn, how to grow perennial plug plants in autumn, over-wintering Azaleas.

How to Grow Bareroot Plants Video | Thompson & Morgan

Perennials are often sold as dormant bareroot plants.  Learn how to plant and grow bare root perennials with our handy video guide.

Help Centre | Thompson & Morgan

Need help placing an order or want to check your delivery status? Our knowledgeable customer service team is here to assist at every stage of the process.

Companion Planting Guide | Thompson & Morgan

Companion planting is all about creating plant communities which have mutual benefits to each other. Find out how in our companion planting guide.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session February 10th 2012

Horticultural questions and answers 10th February 2012 - topics include: Growing sweet peas, Pruning Penstemons, Hand pollinating peach trees, Chitting potatoes, Growing Begonias from seed.

'How To' Grow Potatoes | Thompson & Morgan

Follow our easy 'How To' Grow Potatoes guides to find out how to grow potatoes in trenches in the ground or in bags on the patio.

Competitions | Thompson & Morgan

Show us what you have accomplished in your gardens by entering one of our photo competitions and be in with the chance of winning prizes and vouchers.

Help with Order Codes | Thompson & Morgan

This page is a help guide providing information on where to find your order code and what to do or check if your order code has not been recognised.

Thompson and Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 12th July 2013

Horticultural questions and answers 12th July 2013 - topcis include: Controlling ivy, tomato plants not flowering, Magnolia grandiflora yellowing leaves and dropping, container fig not fruiting, fig fruits eaten by pest, onions not thriving, onion downy mildew, plum tree not fruiting, where to grow…

Top 10 cut flowers to grow at home | Thompson & Morgan

A vase of fresh flowers cut straight from the garden can instantly make a house feel more like a home.  So it's surprisingly that more people don't try growing their own cut flowers, particularly when you consider the benefits to your purse.

World's Highest Price Paid For Snowdrop Bulb | Thompson & Morgan

Leading plant, seed and bulb supplier Thompson & Morgan have bought the World's most expensive snowdrop bulb, Galanthus Woronowii Elizabeth Harrison.

Magnolias | Pruning | Gardening Information | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides advice on the best time to cut a branch off a Magnolia à soulangeana. Deciduous magnolias such as Magnolia x soulangeana are prone to bleeding sap if pruned early in the year so it's best to wait until after your magnolia has flowered and prune it in early to mid-summer.

Spider Mite - Pests

This page provides advice on how to get rid of spider mite in your garden. Spider mite is a particularly difficult pest to eradicate as it readily develops tolerance to chemical controls and generally requires several applications of chemicals in order to eradicate all stages of the lifecycle…

Clubs and Societies Discount Scheme | Existing Customers | Thompson & Morgan

Great discounts offered to members of horticultural and gardening clubs, societies and associations! Download bulk order forms here and start saving now.

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog May 2012 - Chelsea Flower Show | Thompson & Morgan

This week Michael visits the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and reports on the highlights and his favourite displays in the Grand Pavilion.