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Satisfaction Guarantee Thompson and Morgan Plants and Seeds

Satisfaction Guarantee Thompson and Morgan Plants and Seeds

New Summer to Autumn plant range

New varieties featuring in the Thompson and Morgan Summer range of plants for 2016. Featuring: Meconopsis, Clematis, Hydrangea, Cornus, Lavender and Camellia.

Thompson and Morgan Facebook Question and Session 22nd July 2011

Horticultural questions and answers 22nd July - Topics include: Controlling Bay Suckers on Bay trees, Treating Peach Leaf Curl disease, Evergreen trees for exposed sites, Mutated Zinnia flowers, Treating Red Spider Mite infestations, Growing Egret Orchids.

Growing Hardy Geraniums from Seed

Find out how to grow hardy geraniums from seed. Hardy Geraniums are rapidly increasing in popularity as trouble-free garden plants.

How to prune rosemary

Leave rosemary untouched, and it can soon get too big and woody. Prune it carefully and it will reward you with years of fragrance and flavour. Find out how to prune rosemary here.

Thompson andamp; Morgan Plants Competition

Each year Thompson andamp: Morgan run competitions so that customers may show off their plants and gardens. Winners photos may be used in future catalogues and the overall winner will be awarded a prize.

Chill Demon Red Plant Competition

2016 West Dean Chilli Fiesta competition

How to redeem your voucher code

How to redeem your Thompson and Morgan voucher code online.

How to grow Buddleja Buzzandtrade;

Buddleja Buzzandtrade; will grow in almost any well drained soil. And because it's a dwarf variety it will grow just as happily in a container on your patio.

How to grow Runner Beans

Learn how to grow Runner Beans. TandM’s guide shows how easy it is to produce huge crops from your own garden.

Automated drip irrigation system video

Automated drip irrigation systems in your garden help you save time, water and money. Learn how to install one using our helpful video tutorial.

Hassle Free Gardening

Buy garden-ready plants, pre-planted hanging baskets and plug plants from TandM. Just plant, water, and enjoy! Bred and selected for best garden performance.

Fruit | How To Gardening Guides

Whatever fruit trees, bushes or plants you would like to grow in your garden, view our our handy Fruit 'How To' gardening guides will help you get the best from your fruiting plants.

Facebook questions April 1st

Facebook QandA session Friday 1st April 2011 - Topics include: Plant lights, supporting runner beans, growth in Begonia corms, what to use a half-full strawberry planter for and when to apply feed to your plants.

Michael Perry's Top 5 Fuchsias

Michael Perry, Thompson and Morgan's New Product Development Manager, shares his top 5 fuchsia plants, available from Thompson and Morgan.

Growing Potatoes

How to grow potatoes

Facebook questions December 12th

Horticultural questions and answers 12th December - Topics include: blackleg on pelargonium cuttings, pinching out coleus plants, heeling in bareroot magnolia plants, propagating hyacinths, collecting seeds.

How to Prune a Blueberry Bush Video

Pruning blueberries is really straight forward! We show you how to prune blueberries in this video guide.

Gardening Guides

View our gardening guides section full of expert horticultural gardening advice and top tips to help you get the most from your garden

What to sow and grow in December

What to sow in December: begonia, geranium, antirrhinum, laurentia, cyclamen, windowsill herbs, winter salad leaves, hardy broad beans, exhibition onions€¦

Thompson and Morgan | Facebook Question and Answer Session

Horticultural questions and answers 23rd August 2013 - topics include: Runner beans not setting, how to use liquid fertiliser, organic cabbage white butterfly control, growing Rhododendrons from cuttings, powdery mildew on Lupins, Gardenia not flowering.

Top 10 Winter Bedding Plants

Winter bedding plants are biennial or perennial plants which are planted in the autumn, some flowering throughout the winter during milder spells, before putting on a burst of vigorous growth in the spring. We've listed our 10 best winter bedding plants for a welcome splash of colour in your winter…

Big Begonia Revival

Begonias are the best because they're so versatile! They're easy to grow, come in many shapes and sizes. Find out all about begonias in our Big Begonia Revival.

Selector Guides

We understand that having too many options can be daunting. View our range of selector guides to find your perfect plant, ideal potato or help you understand fruit rootstock codes and more

How to prune fuchsias

Pruning fuchsias is a simple task - just follow our easy step-by-step guide to when and how to cut back.

Thompson and Morgan - Treelilyandreg; Competition

Each year, Thompson andamp; Morgan run competitions, prizes will be awarded to the best display of Treeliliesandreg; also with the chance for your photo to appear in our catalogues.

Growing chilli peppers video

Grow your own chilli peppers from seed following our expert video tutorial. For advice on sowing chilli seeds and growing chillis outdoors, watch today.

How To Prune a Clematis

Clematis plants are often classified according to their pruning requirements. Read our 'how to' guide to find out the correct time for pruning clematis.

Plants for Sunny and Dry Borders | Plants for a Purpose

Learn which are the best plants for sunny and dry borders. Sunny gardens are ideal for lots of plants but not-so for others. Read TandM’s guide covering annuals to edibles.

Thompson and Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 16th September

Horticultural questions and answers 16th September - Topics include: How to prune Rhododendrons, Growing Butternut Squash, Underplanting a Beech Hedge, Harvesting Seeds, Overwintering Peach Trees

Michael Perry's Gardening Blog September 2012 - Hydrangeas

This month Michael Perry talks hydrangeas - these sturdy, stunning plants are easy to grow and care for and there are several varieties to choose from.

How to plant up a pond

Planting up your pond is not as tricky as it sounds. Learn about aquatic zones and how to choose the best aquatic plants for your garden pond.

How To Grow Tomatoes

Sow tomato seeds indoors during March/April and plant out in grow bags in May. Protect from draughts when young. Get great tips and tricks to grow your tomatoes from TandM.

How To Grow Potatoes In Bags

Learn how to grow potatoes in bags or containers, and make sure you have a great crop even in small patio spaces. TandM tells you everything you need to know.


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