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Thompson and Morgan facebook question and answer session March 4th

horticultural questions and answers 4th March - topics include: Planting hardy orchids, Wildlife shrubs for a north facing position, Growing Phalenopsis orchids, Moving shrubs and climbers, Grafting tomato plants, Fungal diseases on pansies.

Top 10 Easy To Grow Fruit Trees and Plants

Discover Thompson and Morgan's picks top top ten easy to grow fruit trees and plants following our guide and infographic. These easy to grow fruit trees and plants are perfect for beginners and will all thrive in a British garden.

Grow Your Own Tree Lilies

Grow a fragrant hedge in your garden with our incredible Tree Lilies®. Find out more about our tree lilies® and how to buy them.

Facebook questions Jan 7th

Horticultural questions and answers 7th January - topics include: planting new beds, Downy Mildew on busy lizzies, planting and growing wisteria, growing autumn planted garlic, pruning autumn fruiting raspberries.

How To Grow Chilli Peppers

Learn how to grow chilli peppers in the UK. TandM's article helps you grow chillies on windowsills, in greenhouses, or directly in the ground.

Sowing tomato seeds video

Watch our video on how to sow tomato seeds for your own bumper crop of tomato plants in the summer. Learn how to sow and then transplant tomato seedlings.

News Archive January 2012

News Archive January 2012: Name that sunflower, fuchsias, super healthy currants, photo competitions, new black fuchsia, Alan Titchmarsh Collection€¦

Planting up hanging baskets video

Learn how to plant up a hanging basket in our video. Hanging baskets add vertical interest to doorways and bring a whole new dimension to gardening.

Gall Mites | Garden Pests and Diseases | Gardening Tips

Gall mites are largely harmless, but if you have a large infestation, plants can suffer. Learn more about the symptoms of gall mite damage here.

Welcome to Thompson and Morgan, a Tropicana Breakfast Club partner - Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Thompson and Morgan, a Tropicana Breakfast Club partner - Terms and Conditions

How To Grow Tomatoes

Sow tomato seeds indoors during March/April and plant out in grow bags in May. Protect from draughts when young. Get great tips and tricks to grow your tomatoes from TandM.

Plants For Shade | Plants For A Purpose

Learn about the best flowers, fruits and vegetables for shade in your garden. See TandM's top tips for designing a shady garden.

Salad Leaves - a lot to be desired

In his final article on salad vegetables Harry Smith looks at some of the unusual alternatives to lettuce. For most of us, lettuce still forms the major part of the salads we eat, yet there are many highly palatable alternatives with which to ring the changes. They can not only add the spice of…

How to Grow Plants in Raised Beds

Raised beds are fantastic for those with heavy clay soil and will take the bending out of gardening! They drain well and will warm up much faster in the spring, giving you earlier crops. Raised garden beds can be used to grow both flowers and vegetables, and with our easy-to-use raised bed kits you…

Garden Ready Plants

Garden Ready plants are larger plug plants for beds and baskets that can be planted straight into the garden. Buy yours online today.

Trees for Small Gardens

When choosing trees for small gardens it is worth considering just how much space you have and which seasons of interest best suit your planting scheme. Trees can bring all sorts of interest to your garden whether through flowers, foliage, fruit or bark; and can create colour and interest all year…

Growing raspberries video

Learn how to plant and care for raspberries in our helpful video. With advice on growing summer-fruiting floricanes or autumn-fruiting primocanes.

Growing Plants for Wildlife

Growing plants for wildlife is vital for the all-round biodiversity of your garden. You'll be helping populations of native insects and they in turn will help to keep pests under control.

Plants for different soil types

Have you ever tried to grow a plant which just simply doesn't thrive? It could be due to your soil type! We all have slightly different soil depending on where we live, from dry sandy soil to heavy, wet clay. Many plants just can't cope with the extreme conditions these soils provide, which is why…

Growing Tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes

World's Highest Price Paid For Snowdrop Bulb

Leading plant, seed and bulb supplier Thompson and Morgan have bought the World's most expensive snowdrop bulb, Galanthus Woronowii Elizabeth Harrison.

Help with Voucher Codes

This page is a help guide providing information on where to find your voucher code on your promotional or gift vouchers and what to do or check if your promotional or gift voucher code has not been recognised.

Sowing Seeds

Reaching the crucial part of the whole exercise, Ian Hodgson looks at seed sowing techniques. A forest of strong, healthy green seedlings is every seed sowers dream and a measure of the skills required to coax dormant seed into life...

Fungal Disease | Garden Pests and Diseases | Gardening Tips

There are many types of fungal disease that affect plants. The experts at TandM have put together tips for identfication, treatment and prevention for you here!

Pruning raspberries video

Learn how to prune raspberries in our helpful video as we cover how to prune summer-fruiting floricanes or autumn-fruiting primocanes.

News Archive April 2012

News Archive April 2012: Patriotic plants, veg for pots, National Gardening Week, how-to videos, record-breaking pumpkins.

How to Grow Peas

Learn how to grow peas with TandM’s guide. We reveal how incredibly easy growing peas is, and how to achieve good yields in small spaces.

Hassle Free Gardening

Buy garden-ready plants, pre-planted hanging baskets and plug plants from TandM. Just plant, water, and enjoy! Bred and selected for best garden performance.

Growing runner beans video

Learn how to grow runner beans in your garden by following our video tutorial. With advice on sowing runner beans to harvesting, watch today.

Michael Perry's Top 5 Shrubs

For reduced maintenance in your garden, why not turn to shrubs? They're like the main character in a border, with perennials and bulbs acting as the supporting cast. With structure, impact and reliable year after year colour, it won't take you long to see a return on your investment!

What to sow and grow in August

Here’s what to plant in August, including flowers, fruits and vegetables. There's still plenty of seeds to sow in August too. If you want to know what to sow and what to grow in August, check out our helpful checklists for advice.

Plants for Containers | Plants for a Purpose

Containers help utilise all the available space in your garden €“ they brighten up walls, fences and patios. Most plants can be grown in a container but some are better suited to this than others. We've put together a list of the best plants for containers, baskets, flower pouches and window boxes…

In the garden this month October

What plants, seeds, flowers, vegetables to sow and grow in your garden this October

What Wheelbarrow Should I Buy

When buying a new wheelbarrow why not take a look at our wheelbarrow guide, for expert help and advice.

What to sow and grow in January

What to sow in January: pelargonium, begonia, carnations, pinks, pansies, sweet peas, celery, herbs, exhibition onions, chit first early potatoes, broad beans€¦

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FREE* Rose Collection - 2 bareroot plants worth £17.50


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