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How to Grow Basil

Basil is a useful herb to have in the kitchen and it's really easy to grow. Learn how to grow your own Basil plants from seed.

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Thompson and Morgan, your online garden centre for the finest ranges of seeds, plants, bulbs, potatoes and fruit. Receive £10 off £50 spend.

What to do in the garden in September

Prune climbing and rambling roses. Keep feeding and deadheading hanging baskets to prolong the flowering period. Harvest maincrop potatoes. Read more here€¦

Leaf Blight | Pests and Diseases | Gardening Information

This page provides advice on leaf blight in your garden. The brown spots may be fungal leaf blight or lily disease. This type of fungus spreads freely in wet, humid conditions. The best way of preventing it is to grow lilies in sunny, well ventilated positions where the foliage will dry out quickly…

Thompson and Morgan Question and Answer Session 15th October 2010

horticultural questions and anwers 15th October - topics include: Planting hanging baskets, bedding plants for a south facing garden, storing begonias over winter, why onions bolt, how to kill invasive bamboo, growing globe artichokes in containers.

How to Feed Petunia Plants Video

Petunia fertiliser keeps your Petunias looking great all summer - learn how to feed Petunias in this video.

How to Plant up Strawberry Plants Video

Learn how to plant strawberries in a strawberry stack pot with this handy video guide.

Top 10 Plug Plants

Take a look at Thompson and Morgan's picks of the top 10 plug plants to fill your garden with colour. Plug plants are a cost effective and easy way to fill your garden.

Viability of Vegetables

Lawrence D. Hills produced this poem in the style of Thomas Tusser (1524-80) to show how long vegetable seed can be kept. The Editor has had recourse to refer to it on numerous occasions since it first appeared in print in 1963.

Vine Weevils | Garden Pests and Diseases | Gardening Tips

Vine weevils are loathed by gardeners - but there are ways you can deal with them. Follow our simple tips, and you can recognise and control the damage they do.

Thompson and Morgan - Price Promise

Thompson and Morgan offers to beat competitor's prices - if you find plants cheaper in other mail order catalogues TandM will refund double the difference in gift vouchers.

Planting peonies video

Watch our video and learn how to plant peonies. Learn how to plant and care for both herbaceous peonies and tree peonies in this easy to follow guide.

Grow Your Own Potatoes

Grow your own potatoes and sweet potatoes. Wide range of seed potatoes for all year round cropping.

Horse Tails | Weed Control | Gardening Information

This page provides advice on how to get rid of horsetails in your garden. Horse tail, Equisetum Arvense, is such a nuisance! This weed has been around for millions of years and its roots can extend to more than 1.5m deep into the ground. It's a really tough plant that can re-grow from the smallest…

How to Grow Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas simply exude understated elegance, bringing real class to summer borders. Read on to learn how to grow Hydrangeas.

How to grow tomatoes step1

Grow your own tomatoes and you'll be eating fresh, tasty toms straight from the vine! Our easy step-by-step guide helps you get the most from your tomato seeds.

Facebook questions jan 21st

Horticultural questions and answers 21st January - topics include: Growing melons, Pruning climbing fuchsias, Growing cut flowers for a constant supply, Wind breaks, Pruning clematis montana, Winter pansy problems

Pinching out plants tips gardening video

Learn how to pinch out flowers using our video tutorial. Pinching out plants encourages healthier plant growth, promotes bushiness, and more flowers.

How To Grow Garlic

Learn how to garlic. TandM’s guide shows how to plant, grow and harvest garlic easily even in small spaces.

Fuchsia Festival 2015

The Fuchsia Festival 2015 celebrates all things fuchsia with a range of information including new varieties, fuchsia growing tips and so much more!

Water Saving Tips for the Garden

Here are some of our Facebook fans hints and tips on how to save water during long periods of hot, dry weather. From installing water butts to retaining water from the shower, make sure you don't get caught by the hosepip ban and do your bit for the environment at the same time with our water…

News archive May 2011

News Archive May 2011: Verbascum 'Blue Lagoon' at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Kate's wedding bouquet€¦

Hypericum | St John's Wort | Pruning | Gardening Information

This page provides advice on when and how to prune a hypericum. Pruning a St John's Wort (Hypericum) can vary depending on the species you're growing.

Lily Disease | Garden Pests and Diseases | Gardening Tips

Lilies can be prone to fungal infections. Find out more about them and what to do about them in this article from Thompson and Morgan.

How To Use The Layar App

Bring your Thompson and Morgan catalogue to life with Layar, an interactive app which will bring the Thompson and Morgan catalogue to life in your hands

Gardening to beat the drought

Find out how to keep your gardening at its best while the hosepipe ban is in place. Get gardening advice and tips from Thompson and Morgan.

How To Grow Courgettes

Learn how to grow Courgettes. Find out how easy it is to grow prolific courgette crops with TandM’s guide.

How to Grow Tomatoes from Plug Plants Video

Watch our video on growing tomatoes from plug plants to get your tomatoes off to the best start.

What to sow and grow in October

What to sow in October: crepis, hollyhock, oriental poppies, hellebore, wildflowers, winter salad leaves, carrots, windowsill herbs, hardy annuals€¦

How to grow amaryllis bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs are popular for their large flamboyant blooms. Naturally flowering in the winter and spring, amaryllis bulbs are often given as Christmas gifts. Growing amaryllis is so rewarding - they're easy to plant and with a little care can easily be encouraged to bloom again! Read on to learn…

Primula 'Blue Jeans' leads to discovery of supergene

Research involving primula seed from a packet purchased from the 1995 Thompson and Morgan catalogue has led to the discovery of a supergene.

Automated drip irrigation system video

Automated drip irrigation systems in your garden help you save time, water and money. Learn how to install one using our helpful video tutorial.

How to Grow Cucumbers

Learn how to grow cucumbers. Read TandM’s guide to see how to easily grow this delicious fruit in your own garden.

Peach Leaf Curl | Garden Pests and Diseases | Gardening Tips

If your peach leaves are deformed and discoloured, peach leaf curl could be the issue. Find out how to identify, treat and prevent this fungal condition here.


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