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'Bird Nesting Box'

Birds | Encouraging wildlife

…plants' article. Nest boxes If you lack suitable natural breeding sites in your garden a bird box can provide welcome refuge. Birds will breed in your garden if they feel the area will provide enough natural food for them and their young during this busy period. Nest boxes should be placed at…

What to do in your garden to encourage wildlife

…RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch to help monitor the UK's birds. * Put up nest boxes for birds before the nesting season begins. * Ensure birds have access to fresh water by melting ice in bird baths. Hang bird feeders and suet-based fat balls to help birds maintain their fat reserves in cold weather. *…

Wildlife Gardening

…here... What to do in your garden encourage wildlife. There are many things you can do, such as making bug hotels, putting up bird tables and nesting boxes and more. Find out more here... Wildlife photography competition Is your garden a-buzz with wildlife? Send in your wildlife photos and…

Encouraging Wildlife in your Garden

…friends Birds are among the most welcome garden visitors, so encourage them to stay by providing food and nesting sites such as boxes (out of reach of cats!). 8. Urban oasis Even a small pond can be a little oasis for wildlife, attracting beautiful dragonflies, offering water for birds and small…

What to do in the garden in February

…trees, or edging vegetable plots with stepover apple and pear trees. Other jobs about the garden * • Trim deciduous hedges before the birds start nesting. * • Vines such as Ivy, Virginia Creeper and Boston Ivy can be cut back now to keep windows, gutters and roof tiles clear. * • If…

Money saving gardening tips, money saving ideas

…You can make or enlarge holes in them for planting into and they still hold in the compost very well. The birds often reuse the jumpers again when they peck out strands for their nests from my winter baskets." * And a way to recycle plastic bottles from Iain Beveridge: "Cut the bottom off and…