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Chempak® Potato Fertiliser

Chempak organic potato fertiliser is a specially formulated granular fertiliser with essential nutrients for growing potatoes, in the correct balance, slowly released throughout the season to give tastier and increased yields of quality potatoes(N:P…  More Info


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Chempak® Low Nitrogen Feed - Formula 8

A SUMMER FERTILISER FOR HEATHERS, CONIFERS AND OTHER PLANTS. USEFUL FOR BUILDING UP VEGETABLESA fully soluble lower nitrogen plant food for mature growthAll Chempak Soluble Plant Foods contain seven essential trace elements, far more than ordinary soluble…  More Info


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Chempak® Vegetable Fertiliser

An all-purpose base and top dressing with four distinct phases of release of the most important plant food; nitrogen, released in a steady flow over a period of time, in conjunction with phosphates and potash providing your plants with all the nutrients they need…  More Info

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Chempak® Magnesium

Specialist plant food to put the colour back into flowers and vegetable greenery  More Info


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