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'Climbing Abutilon'

Plants for Sunny and Dry Borders | Plants for a Purpose

…Albizia julibrissin Birch Cercis (Redbud) Crab Apple Eucalyptus Magnolia Climbing Plants Climbing Plants for sunny and dry borders Interesting Features Abutilon megapotamicum Actinidia kolomikta Clematis Climbing Rose Honeysuckle Jasmine Passion Flower Solanum crispum Wisteria * Other 'Plants…

Climbing Plants for Walls and Fences | Plants for a Purpose

…something suitable here! Supporting climbing plants Some climbers such as Ivy and Virginia creeper will cling to surfaces naturally via aerial roots but twining climbers such as Honeysuckle and Clematis will need a framework to scramble over. Wall shrubs don't climb naturally and will need training…