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Potato 'Desiree'

Early maincropThe world's most popular red potato, with pale yellow, firm waxy flesh. This well-loved maincrop potato has particularly good drought resistance. Potato 'Desiree' is versatile for all cooking purposes including roasting and baking. Height and spread…  More Info

  • Sun shade: Full sun
  • Grows in: Vegetable Plot
  • Flower Colour: Mauve
  • Longevity: Tuber

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Runner Bean 'Desiree'

A very heavy cropping runner bean that crops well even in dry conditions. Runner Bean 'Desiree' produces long, broad pods up to 30cm (12) in length that are completely stringless. The beans of this white flowered variety produce few seeds, making them…  More Info

  • Sun shade: Full sun
  • Grows in: Vegetable Plot
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Longevity: Annual


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Viburnum dentatum 'Blue Muffin Christom'

Viburnum dentatum 'Blue Muffin Christom' is hardy deciduous shrub that is ideal for growing in a variety of situations. The dense green foliage forms a naturally rounded shape over time, which in late spring becomes smothered in clusters of tiny white flowers, making it…  More Info

  • Sun shade: Sun or semi shade
  • Grows in: Borders
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Longevity: Shrub

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Bunched Willow Hurdle Decorative Woven Garden Fencing Panel 6ft x 4.5 ft (1.8m x 135cm) Natural ...

Create a little shelter for your garden seating area, with our stylish Bunched Willow Fence panels. The elegant bunched weave design provides a solid hurdle or panel that will add structure to the landscape of your garden.  More Info


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Potato 'Anya'

Second early. A 'Desiree? × 'Pink Fir Apple? cross with a nutty flavour, creamy flesh colour and smoother tubers than 'Pink Fir Apple?.  More Info

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despatch by end of january 2020

Corner Style Playhouse

This Contemporary Corner Playhouse is a stylish and fun environment for your children to enjoy on a daily basis. The large styrene windows allow plenty of light to get in, providing a fresh and bright interior that the kids will love spending time in. Suitable for…  More Info


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Hideaway Playhouse

This Wooden Playhouse is the ultimate hideout for children that don?t want to risk being seen by the baddies. The small and long windows are perfect for kids that want to take aim at their enemies with water guns and foam dart blasters.  More Info


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8x6 Garage Playhouse

This Double Storey Garage Playhouse is a fun environment that is guaranteed to be a popular addition to the garden. The double doors open wide to open into a garage, offering the perfect place to keep the racing car or fire engine. Suitable for domestic use only.  More Info


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6x6 Rocket Playhouse

This Rocket Playhouse provides children with the opportunity to let their imaginations visit a place out of this world. A raised platform inside allows the kids to take command of the bridge when leading a space mission. Suitable for domestic use only.  More Info


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